WhatsApp is the most widely-used application worldwide and ranks number one in India alone, with over 487 million users. This app perfectly appeals to all peer groups as it is a vital communication tool used globally. Businesses have begun shifting their ideas onto the app, which helps keep in contact with their customers and adapt their loyalty towards their brand. 

This article informs you about the importance of WhatsApp marketing and the benefits of WhatsApp Business. 

What Is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp marketing is a form of messenger marketing where you keep in contact with your customer base by promoting your brand directly to their WhatsApp contacts. This form of marketing helps your business create a loyal customer base, increase channel engagement, and gain new sales. 

WhatsApp marketing has proven to increase sales as people check their most used form of communication at least 23 times a day on average. There’s a 98% seen rate, but the most critical point here is that you are always available to chat and get an immediate response; this makes WhatsApp marketing trustworthy, thus giving way to brand loyalty. 

Bikayi is a powerful e-commerce platform that allows you to set up your business with WhatsApp Marketing as a feature. You can send automated messages to your customers about all shopping behaviours and provide them with authentic customer service. WhatsApp Marketing with Bikayi helps your business get higher sales by providing exclusive features such as automation, broadcast, cohort customisation, customer analytics etc. 

WhatsApp Business Benefits

As a messenger service, WhatsApp provides ways to communicate with and keep in touch with your customers. However, WhatsApp with Bikayi can market and promote your brand effectively while using unique business strategies and creating a more significant community for your business. 

Increase Business Visibility 

When you have Bikayi WhatsApp service, you can keep your customers in loop by providing timely updates for your group of customers. Once you’ve created a WhatsApp business page, you can add a complete profile of your company. WhatsApp also allows you to add a catalogue of your products to your business page so that customers can browse through them and interact with you. The ease of immediate availability increases your conversion rates.

Quick Conversion Rates 

When customers receive quick and customised replies, it gives them a sense of satisfaction and creates a good impression of your brand. Bikayi WhatsApp is a comfort messaging tool, and using Bikayi features such as automation messages, customised broadcasts and analytics help retain bounce customers. WhatsApp Business automation features develop your customer base and can lead to more conversions. 

Develop a Deeper Relationship with your Customers 

Through Bikayi, you can send customised greetings to your customers and suppliers via broadcast on special occasions to let them know you think of them. The broadcast feature will also help your brand’s recall. You can also use broadcasts to communicate important information, such as the production of new products or when the business will be closed for a few days, etc.

Low-cost Marketing

Bikayi WhatsApp is still a low-cost marketing channel, appealing to small businesses. All you have to do is connect to Bikayi WhatsApp through your number verification and connect to the internet. Meanwhile, the chances of your message reaching the customer are extremely high. The marketing expenditure results in double the investments as Bikayi makes sure that all tools available are used to your store’s advantage. 

WhatsApp marketing through Bikayi increases conversions, increase sales and allows you to build deep quality relationships with customers. It is one of the most accessible tools for business. We hope we’ve covered all the reasons for you to start and promote your business through WhatsApp Marketing. 

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