Are you looking for the right business idea? Starting a new business can be highly stressful and even daunting to an extent. With increasing access to the internet and ever-growing technology, starting a new online business has turned  into a fairly simple process. The digital world has made it possible for us to earn money through different ways. 

Today, there are millions of online businesses that are helping people  create income from the comfort of their homes. If you want to be your own boss, starting an online business could be the right option. If you are looking for new ideas to run your own online business this year, we have got you covered. Here are the top eight  online business opportunities in India that you could start this year.


Blogging and writing is one of the most evergreen online business opportunities that could help generate a steady   income for you. It is also one of the most popular online business opportunities. There are several unique blogging niches out there; you could pick a niche that interests you  and start creating content as and when you wish.  However, you must remember that while entering a highly competitive or a popular blogging niche, it could be hard to break the ice and grab the attention of your readers. Once you have picked up a blogging niche of your choice you could go ahead,  monetise your blog and earn money at ease. 

Affiliate Marketing 

When it comes to figuring out online business opportunities, affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable  opportunities. Affiliate marketing simply refers to the process of selling products or services for another website. It’s a highly trending business idea  that could bring in a great deal of revenue. You need to start by selecting your niche, gathering products from well-established manufacturers, sellers,  sources such as Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra, or any other e-commerce business. Affiliate marketing does not require a lot of investment; you could  start with a website and begin selling your products to people in your niche. 

Online Course 

Another great online business opportunity is creating your own online course. Online courses have become highly popular during the pandemic. While  schools, colleges and offices were shut down due to the pandemic, several individuals across the globe started taking up online courses to either upskill themselves and to stay productive. Therefore, starting your very own online course could be a great online business opportunity. If you have knowledge or a specific skill that could help you make money, creating an online course would be an easy task for you. It could either be an online course related to academics, technology, internet or  other skills that you would like to market to the world. When you create an online course, you would not only generate income but also bring in a great amount of benefits and help  create your own community. 

Graphic Designing 

Graphic Design is another great online business opportunity. With several online businesses popping up everyday, the field of graphic design has  also been growing at a rapid pace. If you are someone who loves to play around with designs and have the skills to create  attractive and eye-catching graphics, graphic designing might just be a great online business opportunity for you. The internet is a great place for you to create, post and publish  your digital artwork. Whether it’s a new business, a startup or someone desiring a customised gift, digital art and design has  become an easier option. It helps you  earn an income by sharing your art with the world. You could also create your own network, look for clients and offer your graphic design services as a freelance graphic designer. 


You might not enjoy writing, blogging or designing but that does not mean you would not have  other online business opportunities. Podcasting or starting your own podcast could be a great online business opportunity for you to explore. Podcasting is a potentially profitable  opportunity if  done right. You could start with picking a niche of your choice and create your own following over a time period. Once you have garnered more  listeners, you could monetise your podcast by getting sponsors and advertisers on board. If you are sceptical about starting your own podcast, you could start off by being a host or co-host of one of the podcasts and gather enough experience until you are ready to start one by yourself. 

Social Media Manager 

Social media could be a great way for you to earn money. Being a social media manager or a social media consultant is a highly profitable online business opportunity. We spend a lot of time on different social media platforms and making a business out of it could be  potentially beneficial. As a social media manager or  consultant, you could offer services to businesses and help them run their personal or official social media accounts. By incorporating the best strategies and tips, you could  offer a great deal of advice,  help businesses  run successfully and ramp up their business. 


One of the most popular online business opportunities in today’s digital world is content creation. The digital world has given rise to a new clan of individuals who are known as influencers.  Influencers are essentially individuals who are quite popular among the masses in their own niche. These influencers with their large following of audience could generate a great amount of profits. The influencers approach brands and create user-generated content collaboratively with the brand. This content is shared across social media platforms and attracts a wide group of audience,  thereby helping sell the product to the direct customer which in turn helps you earn potential profits. 

E-Commerce Business 

Well, we cannot avoid talking about e-commerce and how it’s a great way for you to earn income easily. E-commerce business is a great online business opportunity. With the way the e-commerce industry is booming, you might be missing out on earning  profits if you haven’t started your e-commerce business yet. Whether you want to start selling your own products or  sell products as a third party vendor, e-commerce business might just be the right choice. Wondering how to start your own e-commerce business? Visit Bikayi and speak to our experts. We at Biyaki, will help you start your online store in just 90 seconds and grow your online store with Whatsapp Business Marketing

The biggest advantage of starting an online business is that it offers a wide range of flexibility and freedom to business owners. We have outlined for you the best online business opportunities that you could set up within a short period of time and earn profits. Start your online business today! 

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