At this moment, if you were to ask Alexa or Siri about the meaning of conversational commerce, you would get your answer as this action alone proves that you’re a part of the trend of conversational e-commerce. You could even pull up this article via a chatbot while narrating the title. 

Let’s dive further into this conversation and explore the trends and overview of conversational commerce as a marketing tool. 

Overview of Conversational E-commerce in 2022

Conversational commerce is e-commerce through various means of conversation Websites, online chat via messaging apps, chatbots via messaging apps or websites, voice assistants, and the use of technology such as speech recognition, speaker recognition, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence.

This form of e-commerce rose to its peak during the pandemic in 2020, when online sales boosted sales by 2.29 trillion and 25% growth in the global e-commerce market. The accessibility and ease of shopping through a mobile phone and experiencing first-hand customer service through chatbots and live chats caused the turn towards message marketing. Messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger account for 90% of all conversational commerce. 

About 1.4 billion people use chatbots in the current year. WhatsApp, the most popular message service used by a million users in India, plays an active role for small and medium businesses to conduct their sales through the app. Conversational AI handled nearly one out of every six global customer service interactions through Artificial Intelligence. Around 27 percent of customers were unsure whether their most recent customer service interaction was with a chatbot or a live person. 

To summarise, conversational commerce is a tool to engage customers with a personalised touch, which could be lacking in retail shops. This customisation adds a satisfaction factor to your brand. 

Trending Tools of Conversational Commerce 

Around 3.25 billion people use voice search for their daily activities, and why not? It makes searching for an item or a product much more effortless than scrolling through the entire page. We even shout out to Siri and Alexa for reminders, songs, schedules etc. These are the most trending conversational tools used in 2022 to attract customers through conversation. 

  • Live Chat 
    One of the most popular and preferred communication channels is live chat. Live chats are essential for every e-commerce business, as they provide real-time customer communication, resulting in at least 20% of lead conversions. Customers use the live chat feature to communicate with a support agent in real-time. 

    Customer service representatives can attend to 2-3 different customers via live chat at the same time. Chatbots can also collect basic customer information and then pass the lead on to human agents to avoid making customers wait. 

    Customer service is a deciding factor for purchase, and when live chats are available for immediate service, they influence customers to purchase immediately. Live conversations are preferred by 90% of global e-commerce shoppers, as it is of real-time assistance and helps phone-phobic shoppers to shop without feeling the need to talk on the phone. 
  • AI Chatbots
    Chatbots answer customers’ questions via text messages. With the growing popularity of messaging apps, chatbots are emerging as the preferred mode of interaction for modern customers with brands. Chatbots respond to user queries using AI (Artificial Intelligence). They are robots that ‘learn’ how to answer questions using historical patterns and pre-programmed rules. 
    These chatbots help lead conversions as they offer many options that allow customers to get a specific package or product. These chatbots, especially in WhatsApp, have proved to be of great value, as they never let a customer wait and offer multiple services in one go. 
  • Voice Search
    Voice search is the most common form of Google, as you search for what you intend to type through your voice. Voice assistants help with a fun form of conversational commerce as you can optimise your search console through your voice searches, saving your time and productivity. 
  • WhatsApp Business
    WhatsApp Business is the most widely used messenger app in India and the best form of marketing for small and medium businesses. WhatsApp business helps stores set up their profile and catalogues on the app and deal with customers through chat using automation and chatbots. WhatsApp marketing helps companies with low-cost marketing utilising all the features which trend for conversational commerce. 

How Does Conversational Commerce Benefit Your Business?

Conversational commerce is another method of connecting with customers to drive sales by establishing a better relationship through personalised service. By clicking with your customer through a conversational platform, you can: 

  • Build Awareness – Conversational tools enable you to connect with customers just starting their journey and looking for providers like you. You can use these tools to demonstrate to customers that you understand their issues and know how to solve them.
  • Decision Making – Tools like live chat and chatbots help in decision-making when a customer gets stuck at a point and needs options to choose from. The right help at the right time can convert your customer into regular visitors when you influence them through a customised service. 
  • Customer Retention – It is highly beneficial to take special care of customers at every stage. According to data, it is five times cheaper to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. To save a good relationship with your customer, send messages regularly and respond to their messages, even if they are negative.
  • Reviews & Referrals – Once you have established a good relationship with a customer, they can advocate for your brand amongst their contacts and provide testimonials and reviews for further improvement. 
  • Omnichannel Marketing – A brand can use Google Ads and WhatsApp ads to conduct digital marketing campaigns on the web and conversational platforms. This way, your brand can gain exposure through more than one channel and reach more than the target audience. 

The beauty of conversational marketing is that it can be effortless, as this is a form of conversation which you hold between the brand and customers. A company can incorporate the above benefits into its marketing strategy to become a customised e-commerce platform. 

Bikayi’s Marketing With Conversational E-commerce 

Bikayi has partnered with WhatsApp to help merchants engage with their customers on the channel they are most active on WhatsApp. Bikayi’s vision is to enable merchants to engage with their customers & target them on WhatsApp, to increase sales by driving more traffic to their stores & increasing retention. With better engagement and improving the user experience for buyers in engaging with a store, we believe that this will: 

  • Increase buyer engagement and retention
  • Increase buyer traffic
  • Increase sales 

Bikayi WhatsApp Business has introduced chatbots for conversational commerce where you can chat with your customers anytime and anywhere, even without direct communication. These WhatsApp chatbots ensure you never miss out on any customer by immediately replying to their queries through automated templates of specific cohorts. Bikayi WhatsApp is beneficial for its chatbot and filters, where you can save more time and gain even more customers through the automated window. 

Bikayi ensures recovering potential customers through abandoned cart leads and improves conversion of dropped-off customers by up to 60% by using abandoned cart recovery messages. Bikayi sends abandoned cart recovery messages with a link to the checkout page and helps your buyers complete their purchases using automated/manual responses on WhatsApp. 

The customer’s queries are resolved quickly through Bikayi’s live chat and chatbots. Make the checkout process simpler and more trustworthy, helping increase orders and simplify enquiry management. Bikayi’s form of conversation with customers allows customer satisfaction and increases the purchase rate for the merchants. 

Summarising the Trend of Conversation Commerce 

Conversation, whether online, over the phone or in person, is essential to being human. It’s how we communicate, socialise and live, so it has become an evident factor influencing our purchase decisions. 

A voice search relieves customers from hours of pre-order research and a confirmation chat, post-order stress. Hence, this trend will improve your business and set your e-commerce brand on a different level than the rest, so hop onto this trend with only one strategy in mind, keep your platform conversational. 

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