WhatsApp has been a household communication tool for many years. You get your latest news from this app and even new predictions and forwards from this app, but how often have you used WhatsApp for your business? WhatsApp Business is the best way to lure potential customers, with increased chances of response compared to SMS and email. 

Bikayi is one of India’s largest and most trusted e-commerce enablers and has been the helping hand behind small and medium-sized business merchants to set up their stores online and sell their products to millions of consumers. Bikayi has now introduced the WhatsApp Business Marketing feature, provides your brand with an extra step to promote and retain customers for a longer time. 

If you’re wondering how to integrate your brand with Bikayi WhatsApp, you’ve come to the right place; read further to know more about conversational marketing and its ways to generate revenue. 

What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational Marketing, also known as chat commerce or conversational commerce, is a method for online merchants to sell their products and services by utilising the power of conversation. Whether a potential customer receives the everyday experience through a chat app, a chatbot, a voice assistant, or a messaging platform makes no difference. Customer communication serves the purpose as long as it is personalised and helpful, and takes the consumer further down the sales funnel. 

WhatsApp Business has introduced chatbots for conversational marketing where you can chat with your customers anytime and anywhere, even without direct communication. These WhatsApp chatbots ensure you never miss out on any customer by immediately replying to their queries through automated templates of specific cohorts. Bikayi WhatsApp is beneficial for its chatbot and filters, where you can save more time and gain even more customers through the automated window. 

How to Onboard With Bikayi WhatsApp?

Bikayi team would be handling the entire onboarding process to help you complete the steps and set up automated messaging, so you do not have to worry about any coding aspect or integration. 

Step 1 – Create a WhatsApp Business account on your Facebook Business Manager.

Step 2 – Add a phone number for this WhatsApp Business account.

Step 3 – Share the WhatsApp number and Facebook Business Manager ID with the Bikayi team

Step 4 – Accept the “Messaging on behalf of request” on the Business Manager’s request from Bikayi. 

Now, you’re all set. Bikayi team would enable automated messages for your number to all your customers, and you can edit and customise your notifications according to your business’s requirements. 

How to Generate Revenue from Conversational Marketing?

Bikayi’s market-leading WhatsApp sales tool BIK.ai assists you in scaling your business to generate more revenue. Our dashboard enables you to provide the best possible experience for customers and prospects on WhatsApp while qualifying and guiding them towards a sale. Bikayi’s conversational tools allow you to customise and send a message and ensure your customer’s satisfaction. 

Live Chat –  Live WhatsApp chats enable you to immediately interact with your customers when they’re stuck on your website and are unable to decide on a purchase. Live chats will ensure quick engagement and lead to a satisfactory purchase. 

Chatbot – The Bikayi chat box has pre-approved templates which help in pre-order enquiries and can be sent to the customers when they start a conversation. The Bikayi WhatsApp chat box has chat filters for product enquiry, requested callback, abandoned cart recovery, order purchased message, custom message etc. These filters enable you to chat with your customer quickly and provide them with information within no time. However, you can only reply to your customer within a 24-hour timeline and resend your message in case of no reply. 

Conversation-based pricing – Bikayi WhatsApp Conversation is a 24-hour messaging window initiated when you message a customer. You can exchange any number of messages with your customers, including template messages, within a 24-hour conversation session without incurring additional charges. The first 1000 conversations would be free of cost every month*.

  • User-Initiated Conversations (UIC)

Whenever you reply to a customer within the 24-hour customer service window, that message initiates a user-initiated conversation. This conversation pricing is at ₹ 0.35 per conversation.

  • Business Initiated Conversations (BIC)

When you send a message to the customer outside the 24-hour service window, it is ₹ 0.55 per conversation.

Messenger – Conversational AI in e-commerce can assist businesses in engaging with their customers by asking them questions, conducting surveys, and even quizzes! 

With Bikayi, you can manually join in a conversation when your customers ask about the product on WhatsApp, engage them with different products and collections, and create a good experience with the brand. These conversations will significantly help e-commerce brands collect personal information from customers and nurture them with relevant information. 

Generating leads while engaging with visitors is an excellent opportunity for e-commerce businesses to develop positive relationships with their customers!

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