Every business starts with an idea, and the idea transcends into an experimental notion that gains its pace and creates its journey. The idea needs a home to constantly update its journey and find its place on the internet, in a domain. 

Every business needs a website to showcase its vision and journey, and this blog will help you do the same. This article explains the A-Z of domains and websites’ pricing and why a business needs to build a domain. 

What is a Domain? 

what is domain

A domain is a network of devices controlled by a central body and follows specific rules. A domain is held explicitly by one company on the internet, with its internet presence and IP address. For example, if a company’s name is ‘Bikayi’, its domain name could be bikayi.com, bikayi.in, www.bikayi.org, etc. 

Domain pricing depends on a company’s amount to pay to set up their domain on the internet. For instance, if the company Bikayi wants to get bikayi.com as their domain name, they have to pay a certain amount to own that name legally. Google is like a rental property where we set up our permanent houses and pay for those houses on our terms. 

Domain Extensions 

domain extensions

The URL of each website is divided into several parts. Top-level domains, also known as domain name extensions, are the sections that follow your primary domain name like the .com in bikayi.com. There are many other domain extensions besides .com. You have a plethora of options including .net, .blog, .ai and .io. For Example BIK.ai

Due to the increasing popularity of domain names and unique codes, the ICANN has expanded name selections, and people need not be restricted to using a single extension. However, only government websites can use .gov, and other than that, one can get creative with their domain sites. 

Cost of a Domain

cost of a domain

By the word “Cost of a domain” means the amount of cost you need to pay for a particular domain name. It can be on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. When you buy a domain, you pay for one year of registration based on your domain extensions, such as .com or .org. Unless you cancel, you will pay a fee to renew your domain registration each year. 

1. Premium Domain 

When looking for a domain name, you may discover that the one you want is already taken. That means someone else owns the premium domain. Some people don’t use their domain name, so there’s always a way to buy it from them. There are two types of premium domains. 

2. Aftermarket Premium Domain 

These are domains offered for resale at a premium price by owners. After purchasing the Domain, you can add multiple years of registration and renew at the Domain’s regular price. 

3. Premium Registry Domains

Domains are sold at a premium by the registry. The initial premium price is charged when you transfer, renew, restore, or add more years of registration to a domain. 

The premium domain price can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, and it all depends on the domain’s URL, length, and brand range. 

How much does a Domain Cost? 

how much does a domain cost

A new domain usually costs between ₹500 to ₹1000 per year. The cost of a domain depends on which registrar you use and the type of domain you purchase. Different registrars provide different packages, so it’s worth looking around to find the best fit for you. 

Domain registration companies reserve the domain names and show you what’s available during the purchase process. WordPress and Google offer a free domain for a year and charge subscription fees after a year. These are some of the starting prices from the Google registrar for domain extensions: 


What Are the Extra Costs of Buying a Domain? 

cost of a domain

The introductory prices for domains are pretty reasonable and do not affect the buying decision; however, after a year, the subscription would cover a lot of upsells, so these are some of the costs you should be aware of before buying a domain subscription. 

  • Yearly Subscription
    The registration of domain names is yearly. Some domain registrars offer first-year domain name discounts, but annual renewals are more expensive. One must keep track of cancellation policies of the registrar and refund policies in case of non-usage of the domain. 
  • Privacy and Protection Costs 
    The ICANN corporation collects all your contact information in the first year of purchase. Your business domain is in the WHOIS database, and potential business owners can contact you. This data is visible to all and can result in annoying phone calls and spam. To avoid this, domains provide domain privacy features. One requires extra payment for this feature, but you must remember to remove it manually to avoid charges. 
  • Business Email Account
    When purchasing a domain name, you will most likely see an add-on for email domains that allows you to set up a professional business email address. These are extra costs as you can quickly get a free business email address through many websites. 

Benefits of a Domain 

domain benefits

More Visibility – Domain names offer a simple, user-friendly, and convenient way to access your website. A descriptive website is simple to remember and looks great on a business card, and seems professional for potential customers to access. 

SEO Exposure – Once your domain is set and running, with the help of keywords, your domain name can crop up through Google rankings.

Safeguard your Business – Having an official domain name will give you the right to run your business without interference and prevent online data theft. 

Business Accounts – Business addresses are a far more professional approach to your email communications. Moreover, it’s complicated to find a good address using free email services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a domain name? 

You can purchase domain names at domain registrars. Many online registrars buy a domain from our Domain.com, Hostgator, Godaddy, Google, etc.

What if someone has my domain?

There are two options, you can check on websites on the latest availability of the domain or purchase through an aftermarket premium domain auction where domain names are auctioned through an online auction, but this can prove to be expensive due to the competition.

How to choose my domain name?

Domain names are needed for your business as they represent your company, so if your domain name is already taken, the best option is to brainstorm for something similar and striking.

How much does a domain name cost?

The Domain names cost to the domain registrars. However, the starting range in Google is Rs.860. There are many other reliable websites which show different prices as per demand. 

Which top-listed domain name to choose for my company?

.com is the most in-demand Domain for all businesses as it gives a professional outlook. However, if you’re going for personalized websites, .me is a good choice too.

How much time does it take to register a domain name?

As soon as you reserve a domain name through the registrar, it’s immediately unavailable to anyone else, and the process roughly takes 27-48 hours.

How to check for an available domain name?

Bikayi WHOIS lookup tool lets you check for available domain names and provides you with their contact information in case of a purchase or negotiation. You will find this tool under the Bikayi Tools section.

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