What Is GlowRoad Business?

Who doesn’t want to be their boss, right? The job market in India is not for everyone like college-goers or homemakers. But worry not. Let me introduce you to a platform to start your own online business and earn money with pride.

‘GlowRoad’ is the most loved and easy-to-use reseller app in India. GlowRoad platform allows a user to resell a product with zero investment. Their tagline is ‘We believe in Uncommon Team. Common Vision. Common Values.’

How To Register As A Supplier In GlowRoad

  1. Go to https://glowroad.com/supplier-onboarding

  2. Click Become a Supplier.

  3. Fill in necessary data like business name, Email, Phone number, address, category of business, GSTIN, average stock count of the items you want to sell, and the platforms you want to sell the items.

  4. Click Submit.

  5. You will receive an email about the processing of your registration request

  6. You will receive a 2nd email providing your username and password.

GlowRoad Supplier Login

  • Once you successfully register. Now go to https://www.glowroad.com/ and click Supplier Login with the username and password provided in the mail. 
  • Now you need to list the product for selling. Listing of products can be done in two forms – (i) Single listing  (ii) Bulk listing.
  • Go to – Product and inventory – Add new products. Three different options are displayed – (i) Add Single Product (ii) Add multiple products (iii) Add collection
  • Click Add single product – Click to upload a photo from gallery – Photo must be less than 6MB – Give product title name – Select category – List price (which includes your profit margin too) – Choose Colour, Fabric, Size, Style, Design, Optional details and Product Description and click Submit.
  • The login page will show QC pending and confirm your listing in 2-3 days. After which, they are under active products.

    Once you become a GlowRoad supplier, you can create your digital catalogue and start reselling. It will be the complete responsibility of GlowRoad to deliver the product to your customer with their pan India logistics. So, you can start earning with zero investment, also known as the Dropshipping model.

GlowRoad Supplier Panel

The Founders of GlowRoad are Shekar Sahu, Dr. Sonal Verma and Kunal Sinha. It is a reselling platform where users get products directly from the supplier and sell them on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. The venue is well-maintained, and the panel has multiple features such as,

● An online virtual store

● Good rewards and margin and bonus

● Easy payment gateway

● Cash on delivery option

● All India logistic support

● A vast number of products at a wholesale rate

Benefits Of GlowRoad Platform

This platform has helped hundreds of people to use their free time to earn money through a mobile phone and an internet connection. GlowRoad app is easy to use, and being a supplier has various benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • The supplier gets transparency on the payment. While listing the product, there is clear bifurcation by GlowRoad on how much commission it is going to charge. 
  • The supplier gets payment on time, and there is a timely and transparent payment system.
  • GlowRoad has a Pan-India Logistics facility available. The logistics have big and branded courier partners like Delhivery and Ecom express, and it helps suppliers take orders from far-off locations.
  • Recently GlowRoad has removed its commission. Yes, you heard it right. Zero Commission, and it will only take its logistics payment.
  • It has solid and dedicated customer care support. The team will reach out to the supplier in case of any issues.
  • The GlowRoad platform does not have any hidden charges, and it has a transparent mechanism.
  • A supplier doesn’t need any fancy photoshoots for their products.
  • GlowRoad platform believes in creating a long-term partnership and healthy competition, and it helps to make better business decisions.

Benefits Provided to the Supplier

  • As a supplier, your products get more visibility. It will be shared by resellers more and more, which will lead to higher sales.
  • As a supplier, your products are shown in the collection section. The collection section items are sold 30 times more than any product.
  • Suppliers don’t need to upload bulk items on their own. GlowRoad platform has a dedicated customer care team to upload it on your behalf.
  • Every week your post will get pinned and hence will have visibility.
  • As a Glowroad supplier, you will have access to a dedicated catalogue manager, who will help you with problems like what product to list, their listing prices, what offers to perform well, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when I get an order?

You will receive a message and email. You need to ship within 4 days, or the order will be auto-cancelled. 

What to do when I get an order?

Check on a new order – Accept orders – Confirm address and request shipment – Print and insert label – Generate Manifest. Doing this will send a request to ship the order to its destination.

Where can the suppliers add the products?

The MyShop option allows the users to add the products. They can click on the opportunity and add effects, set logos, margins and use other features

Does Glowroad supply logistics?

Yes, the platform provides logistics for its users, so you don’t have to worry about shipment and deliveries.

Which medium of social media is used for sales and promotions?

Social media promotions can be conducted on WhatsApp and Facebook for the products.

How does Glowroad make money?

Sellers can make money by opening a store upfront for free but charging for premium features. Glowroad monetises the platform by charging INR 500 every month for these stores set on their platform.

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