– Key Metrics 

1. 250 – 260 increased orders via Digital Marketing 

2. Minimum order value of INR 7,000 to INR 13,000 

3. Generated monthly revenue of INR 3 – 5 lakh through Bikayi’s Digital Marketing 

– About Phooldaan Decor

Phooldaan Decor is an online store selling décor items established to help women in rural areas to become financially independent. They focus on providing a wide range of aesthetic décor items such as fountains, idols, planters, metal décor and other interior décor pieces for your space. They have a collection of more than 350 products, including wall décor, resin idols, antique showpieces etc. 

Phooldaan’s website is a unique online platform offering artistic and creative items to radiate your space whilst empowering several underprivileged women artisans through a user-friendly and appealing website.   

How Did It All Begin?

Phooldaan began selling décor items through its offline store in Goa in 2020 and availed of Bikayi’s VIP Yearly package in October 2020. However, they didn’t enable their e-commerce store on Bikayi right away, as the founder Neha Sharma was ambiguous about proceeding with the business, owing to the pandemic. 

However, at the time of her renewal, when Bikayi’s team approached them and onboarded them with Bikayi for the Ultimate and Graphics package, they began receiving online orders starting in August 2021.  

What Was the Challenge? 

Before onboarding with Bikayi, the store owner Neha Sharma said that the store had poor online visibility. The challenge was to create a website that would assist in scaling up her business by 20-25 percent. 

Phooldaan also wished to bring more women manufacturers and sellers into their business and provide a medium for them to be financially independent. 

What Happened Next? 

The first step was onboarding the business owner to Bikayi and creating a website for them to increase orders through their online store. The business owner opted for the VIP Yearly Package with Bikayi and had her online store set up. 

Once the website was up and running in October 2020, the initial months did not see significant growth in sales as the store owner Neha Sharma did not use the online options right away. Although there was a gradual increase in views in the next few months, the business owner wasn’t clear on how to take their business forward. 

At the time of renewal in August 2021, the store owner upgraded her package to Ultimate Package with Bikayi with graphic services, which began seeing good results and increased sales on the online store with Google Merchant Center. The online exposure also created a brand value for Phooldaan and increased online visibility. Neha Sharma then opted for digital marketing services, which we ran on Google and Facebook and gave the store higher visibility. 

The website gave way to recognition of brand value to Phooldaan Decor and ultimately resulted in increased sales through Bikayi from 0 to 250 orders with a minimum order value of INR 7,000 to INR 13,000. Because of Bikayi’s Digital Marketing services, Phooldaan Decor received orders from various other platforms as well. 

We Provided a Solution! 

The founder Neha Sharma was motivated to create an online presence for her business and empower female artisans living remotely, and opted for website creation with Bikayi to have an online presence and gain a higher reach. 

From October 2021 to now, Phooldaan has gone from receiving 0 to over 250 orders, ranging from INR 7,000 to INR 13,000 per order value, across India. Owing to their growth in revenue, not only did they completely shift their online store from a different platform to Bikayi, but they also launched two offline stores in Goa and Mumbai, respectively. 

A Look at the Stats

With Bikayi’s Digital Marketing package, Phooldaan generated a revenue of over INR 5 lakh monthly across various online platforms. With the same service, it aims to cross INR 8-10 lakh in the upcoming months. 

Note: Digital ads for the store were briefly paused in April ‘22

The Conclusion 

The creation of a professional-looking website with user-friendly features and opting for digital marketing services with Bikayi led Phooldaan Decor to gain an increase in traffic and online orders for the business over a period of 6 months.

While earlier the business owner had a revenue of about INR 50,000 – 60,000 monthly through different platforms online, onboarding with Bikayi helped them increase their revenue to INR 3-5 lakh per month. The website also provided a platform for about 15-20 female artisans employed with Phooldaan Decor to showcase their work to a larger audience. 

“Every woman needs to be financially independent. She should have the power, capacity and confidence to decide for themselves, be self-dependent, buy property and make investments for themselves. Bikayi has been like a family in supporting this vision for Phooldaan, and has been through all the ups and downs with us.”

– Neha Sharma, Founder, Phooldaan 

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