Being a motor enthusiast could be frustrating when you have to visit tons of places to get your four-wheeler repaired in a hurry, and even they could be inadequate. But now you have the Ford Supplier Portal. 

Gone are the days when you had to find the nearest location of the repair shop and, even worse, get there somehow to find out that the shop doesn’t have the necessary spare parts. Read further into the blog to learn about the Ford Supplier business and become a supplier. 

What is the Ford Supplier Portal?

With over 1,200 Tier 1 production suppliers from Ford, the Ford Supplier Portal has the consolidated Ford Supplier List and their range of over 1,000 vehicle parts and materials. The list allows Ford and its suppliers to share information and conduct business in a secure environment over the web. FSP is a starting point to numerous cross-functional web applications and services, ranging from Customer Service to Vehicle Programs.

Here’s how you can register and help others like you to get the parts and repair they need ASAP. 

How Does the Ford Supply Chain Work 

Ford outsources the car parts from countries like Mexico and China, which are low-cost, which aids cost reduction and provides the customer with the product without worrying about the quality.

How to Become a Ford Supplier

 To register as a user for Covisint and FSP access, your organisation must already have Covisint access and an active Covisint Corporate Security Administrator (CSA).

If you are registering for user access to Covisint and FSP, then follow these steps.

  1. Go to

  2. Click on Begin Registration.

  3. On the following screen, identify the organisation by either providing the company name or supplier code (GSDB code).

  4.  Select the appropriate organisation from the search results and click Continue Registration or search again. 

  5. Enter user information on the screen.

  6. Create your Covisint ID and password. 

  7. After that, complete all required fields. Select the supplier service package and enter the organisation’s four or five character supplier codes (GSDB codes) in the Enter Home Site Code field and click Continue Registration.

  8. After clicking Continue Registration, read the terms and conditions and accept the agreement to complete your registration.

 Applying for Ford Supplier Portal as an Individual

 Step 1 – Visit

Step 2 – Go to the Ford Supplier Portal Guest Key section in the centre of the screen

Step 3 – Click on How to Register as a New User for FSP. 

The new user can also find the document on the link provided with detailed information on how to register as a user for FSP will be downloaded. Go through the steps, and you will complete your registration. 

Applying for Ford Supplier Portal as a Company 

Step 1 – Visit-

Step 2 – Go to the “Ford Supplier Portal Guest Key” section in the centre of the screen

Step 3 – Click on How to Register your Company for FSP

After clicking on the option, the user can download the document with detailed information on registering for FSP and go through the steps, and registration is complete. 

How to Login to FSP

Step 1 – Visit

Step 2 – Go to Ford Supplier Portal Guest Key Information and locate How to Login to FSP and click on it.

Step 3 – If logging in from a Covisint account –

  • Select Covisint from the right corner
  • Click on it and then enter your User ID and password.

If logging in from a Dealer, Supplier, Other accounts –

  • Select Dealer, Supplier, Other Login from the right corner
  • Click on it and then enter your User ID and password.

If you are a Ford employee –

  • Select Active Directory
  • Enter the organisational account information

Supplier Programs Provided by Ford

Ford believes in diversity in its employees and its suppliers as well. It includes businesses owned, operated, and controlled by: ethnic minorities, women, LGBT, veterans, disabled, and others which are historically underutilised businesses in a company’s supply base.

Ford provides various supplier diversity programs such as – 

WIN – Widening the Inclusion Network – A tier-2 program created to help increase and expand the number of opportunities of diverse businesses.

Mentor ME – A program curated for the suppliers. The program will pair them with senior executives from Ford or partner organisations to assess, diversify and evaluate opportunities and hardships. 

Skills for Life – Supplier skills for life is a program where industry experts discuss the trends, hot topics and share tools to help the growth and development of business.

Mentor WE – This one-year commitment program, curated especially for mentoring and developing Women Business owners (WBEs). This program will have four modules for the potential for specific WBE in different industries, where they will receive guidance and mentoring on several topics.

A Ford supplier discount by the name of a new vehicle purchase plan or X-plan or Partner Recognition Plan is also in place for the registered Ford suppliers. They can take advantage of this X-plan as an eligible Partner Recognition employee or retiree. They can then generate up to two PINs per year to purchase or lease a new vehicle for themselves or family members.

Proof of Eligibility for X-plan

  • Recent pay stub, company ID, company healthcare card, or W-2 for employees of eligible partner companies.
  • Driver’s licences for residence proof for the residents in the same household as the eligible employee/retiree. 

Document Fees

The supplier is charged up to INR 7,617 in documentary fees on each delivery for the eligible purchaser by the dealer. Unless otherwise provided by state or local laws or regulations, capped dealers will charge less than INR 7,617. If not, the dealer will charge the amount accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Ford Suppliers?

The significant parts suppliers for Ford include Comstar Automotive Technologies,7 FCC Adams,8 Flextronics Automotive, nine and Mahle Engine Components. 10 Meanwhile, some indirect suppliers include Cisco (CSCO), FedEx (FDX), Penske Logistics, Roush, and Union Pacific.

 Is Ford Supplier and Covisint Ford different?

As a supplier, one can provide for both the companies as DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors jointly formed a single business-to-business supplier exchange named Covisint, generally known as Ford Supplier Business.

 How Do I Register with Covisint?

You can type Register with Ford or Covisint on Google, and the Ford link will take you to a landing page. Click on Begin Registration and fill in your information using your company’s information.

Where is Ford Manufactured?

Ford manufactures in North America and most of the western parts, including Canada, Mexico and China.

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