Indian customers love texting on WhatsApp! E-commerce customers are much more likely to respond to WhatsApp messages than other channels such as SMS or email. This app perfectly appeals to all peer groups as it is a simple global communication tool. 

Today’s blog will explain how and why to choose a Whatsapp Marketing platform for your business. 

What is WhatsApp Marketing? 

WhatsApp marketing is a form of messenger marketing where you keep in contact with your customer base by promoting your brand directly to their WhatsApp contacts. This form of marketing helps your business create a loyal customer base, increase channel engagement and gain new sales. 

WhatsApp Marketing platforms are those businesses that provide WhatsApp integration as a separate service for brands to conduct marketing campaigns through WhatsApp. To put it simply, Bikayi is a brand which enables WhatsApp as an alternative platform to websites for buyers to interact and transact with customers via chat. 

Many customers could find navigating through websites for products difficult, and it could be technically challenging. When you communicate through WhatsApp, it’s a service of ease.  

How to Choose A WhatsApp Marketing Platform?

We know of many WhatsApp tools that can help a business ace its promotions, but a company must ascertain its vision for their brand or product. Creating a well-thought-out Whatsapp strategy enables you to pick the right platform for your business and saves you loads of time and money. 

  • Set your Goals – Identify your company’s marketing profitability, build a strategy for the existing marketing funnel loophole, and use WhatsApp marketing to boost sales for that particular sales mission. If your lead conversions are less, you can use WhatsApp for Ad marketing, or if there aren’t product queries, you can use WhatsApp for chatbot queries and automation etc. 
  • Explore the Web – WhatsApp Marketing is a service which is accessible on the web, but to look for the right platform, use keywords needed for your brand, such as broadcast message service, WhatsApp customer analytics, WhatsApp API etc. These keywords push the right platform which offers all these services. 
  • Evaluate the Platform Features – Book a demo to explore the features and experiment with whether this platform offers all the services that your products might need. Conduct research on that platform’s testimonials. Hence, you’re aware of their products. 
  • Customer Service – The final and most crucial step is to determine the effectiveness of the customer service provided by the WhatsApp partner. Because WhatsApp Business API feels like a whole new world, it helps to have someone guide you every step of the way. 

Pros and Cons of WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Business is a reliable and secure form of marketing for many small and medium businesses. Let’s compare the pros and cons of WhatsApp marketing and decide what’s best for your business. 


  • Permission-based marketing where end-to-end encryption facilities ensure the highest security
  • WhatsApp Business provides a complete profile of the company in the business app.
  • Ensures quick communication and customer service in real-time
  • Ease of use and personalised service to customers
  • Service to upload catalogues for merchants 
  • Balance of personal and business relationships


  • Only one business account per user 
  • Multimedia spam, if not muted
  • Requires extra storage

Why Choose Bikayi WhatsApp Marketing? 

Whatsapp marketing is a relatively untapped niche that can provide an advantage to early adopters. Aside from being extremely popular, it enables more engaging and one-on-one real-time interactions with your customers. Bikayi WhatsApp Marketing enables merchants to engage with their customers, and target them on WhatsApp to increase sales by driving more traffic to their stores and increasing retention.

Bikayi aims to build a high-engagement WhatsApp ecosystem on their platform, allowing merchants to:

  • Provide buyers with a superior pre/post order experience (product enquiries, order updates, customer service)
  • Retarget and convert their existing buyers through WhatsApp as a high engagement channel (abandoned cart recovery messages, targeted promotional messages etc.)
  • Enable WhatsApp as an alternative platform to websites for buyers to interact and transact with (discover products on WhatsApp, purchase via chat)

With better engagement and user experience, Bikayi’s WhatsApp marketing believes in increasing buyer engagement and retention through the following goals for any business.

  • Increase trust with ‘Green tick verification.’ 
  • Convert leads to customers using targeted promotional messages and personalised bulk WhatsApp campaigns with pre-approved performing templates. 
  • Provide excellent customer service and address customer queries 24/7 using the Welcome chatbot. 
  • Send customised Whatsapp messages in multiple languages and send greetings based on occasions. 
  • Chat and sell using a highly efficient and intelligent chatbot. 
  • Improve conversion of dropped-off customers by up to 60% using Abandoned cart recovery messages. 
  • High engagement with buyer traffic 

Bikayi’s WhatsApp Marketing feature helps you connect with your customers forming a community web. It is one of the most accessible platforms for all tiers of business, and all the above goals specify why you should choose Bikayi’s WhatsApp Marketing for your business.

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