When a customer in need of a suitable product is looking for the same on your page, it’s your turn to convince them in the best possible way to click the ‘Add to Cart’ option. But how to assure your potential customers that your product has the potential to solve the problem that no other product can?

This is where the product description comes into the picture. Product descriptions are undoubtedly one of the most vital aspects of your online shop and play a key role in your e-commerce business, irrespective of its size. 

A compelling product description may do wonders when enhancing your brand’s sales. But now, the question may arise, how to write a good product description for your targeted audience? So before any further discussion, let us know in detail about product descriptions and tips to write a product description that sell.

What is Product Description?

A product description is a kind of marketing copy used to describe and explain the usefulness of your product and why the product is profitable for them. The main objective of writing a product description is to let your customers know about certain essential and valuable information about the features of your product so that it appeals to them and compels them to buy it. they get attracted to the item and are compelled to buy the same. 

Why is Writing a Product Description Important?

The importance of writing a good product description has been recognised and accepted by business owners, marketers and copywriters. Compelling Adequate descriptions can tempt potential customers and highly influence a purchase decision. Let us briefly study why having a great product description is imperative of great importance. 

  1. Product descriptions help enhance the customer experience as it helps make your website look professional and facilitates the sale of your product.
  1. If any potential customer visits your site and starts browsing through your products, a few questions may arise in their mind. For example, if you own apparel or a shoe brand, customers may want to investigate the fit of a specific shirt or whether the shoes are true to size or not. In that case, without a clear product description, the customer is likely to move on, causing you to lose a sale.
  1. A powerful and effective product description builds users’ trust, making your brand look polished and legitimate.
  1. Writing a meaningful and apt product description would help your custom products sell and upsell themselves. 
  1. Product descriptions provide significant assistance to your brand by making it stand out from competitors by convincing your customers what unique quality your product has that others don’t!
  1. Excellent product descriptions can eventually help in improving conversion rates and enhance sales. Besides, it also boosts your brands’ visibility organically. 

How to Write Product Descriptions?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

One can hardly deny the importance of writing a product description, but at the same time, writing a good one could prove to be a tough job, so there are some product description templates that are available where you can have an idea of it. Here are some easy and feasible guidelines to persuade visitors to your online store with product descriptions that sell. 

  1. Format

    First, you must remember that the product descriptions could be written as single sentences, short paragraphs, or bullet points. The tonality could be professional as well as quirky so that it entices visitors to consider buying the product.

  2. More than a simple copy

    There’s much more to a product description than writing a simple copy. Descriptions with scannable selling points or having strong readability are the most popular among visitors.

  3. No-Reuse

    Do not reuse the same product descriptions for different products.

  4. Check Grammar

    Avoid spelling or grammatical errors as it creates a negative impact.

  5. Engaging

    You must write the product descriptions keeping your target audience in mind. 

  6. Images and Videos

    Talking only about your business in the product description is not sufficient enough. You must include images and videos of the product to make it more presentable

  7. Storytelling

    While writing a product description, explain the product comprehensively and write a clear copy. A storytelling strategy can best serve the purpose.

  8. Multiproducts

    Multipurpose products should be highlighted while writing a product description.

  9. Avoid Jargon

    The product descriptions should be such that they are easily understood by potential customers visiting your online store. Avoid using jargon or complicated words. 

  10. Highlight Product

    If your product is unique, do not forget to highlight boast it and if it is a best-seller, make sure you mention that!

Product descriptions are an essential part of e-commerce stores as it answers questions and converses with your targeted audience to build their trust in your brand. They are beneficial in boosting your stores’ ranking in search engines and invite large amounts of traffic to your online shop. Before writing any product description, it is important to look some product description examples for better idea.

It’s true that while describing a product, you must have a clear view and understand what aspects are most vital to include. But once it is done successfully, you are on the winning track of your own business.

FAQ on How To Write a Product Description

What product description contains?

Any product description contains the information related to the product like it’s features, quantity, benefits of buyer and an emotion punch.

How to choose the right option for product description?

You can choose the product description that satisfies all objectives of product description like the feature of products, problem that product is solving and the benefits of the buyer.

What is a good product description format?

The title of the product
Short description about product
Benefits and features in bullet points
Social proof of the product

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