Have you started a YouTube channel and are wondering how to increase your YouTube subscribers? Then you are right on time as currently, YouTube is the second most visited website in the world.

More than 30 million active users consume almost 5 billion videos per day, according to statistics. It looks easy to gain subscribers with such a massive number of users, isn’t it? 

But with 38 million active channels, 15 million content creators, and over 22,000 channels with more than 1 million subscribers, the competition is fierce. 

Oh, don’t be worried! You can still be the next YouTube superstar with millions of subscribers by following a few simple strategies. Here are the five best ways to increase your YouTube subscribers. 

1. Keyword Research

Millions of people use YouTube to search for videos every day. And, there are greater chances that people are searching for your videos too, but due to a lack of proper keyword optimisation, your videos do not rank among the top search results. Using the right keywords for our videos will get more views, likes, comments, and subscribers. 

So, make a list of keywords, and segregate the broader ones from the secondary keywords. The more general keywords are the ones on which you could make videos but not optimise your videos because they are highly competitive. So, instead, you should work on your secondary keywords as they are less competitive and can quickly help your videos rank. 

The question arises, “How to find keywords for YouTube videos?”. It’s super easy to do a YouTube video keyword research by using the following methods:

a. YouTube Autocomplete 

When you search for any video by typing it on the YouTube search bar, you might have noticed that YouTube suggests a few keywords related to the term or keyword you searched. People use these keywords to find videos on YouTube that can be used as secondary keywords.

For example, when you search for Digital Marketing, YouTube also suggests related terms such as Digital Marketing Course, Digital Marketing Tutorials for Beginners, etc. As it is difficult to rank for broader keywords such as Digital Marketing, you can optimise your videos for Digital Marketing Tutorials for Beginners. 

b. Keyword Tools

You can take the help of online keyword research tools having keyword research features specific to YouTube. The tools give you a list of keywords and let you know the search volume for the particular keywords. The keywords tools are generally paid but may allow few searches for free. 

c. YouTube Analytics

YouTube has an analytics tool that gives you a complete report about the performance of your videos. You might come across a few keywords for which you have not optimised your videos, but YouTube is also ranking your videos for those keywords. If you optimise your videos for those keywords, there is a chance that your videos will get even higher views, and as a result, your channel may get more subscribers. 

d. Competitor Videos and Tags

Visit your competitors’ channels and see the keywords and tags they have used on their most popular videos. Make a list of them and add them to your videos to get more engagement. 

2.Optimise Your Channel Page & Videos

After keyword research, the following step is to optimise your YouTube channel and videos. You need to keyword optimise your video title, descriptions, and tags. Also, write a catchy title that would increase the CTA. Unlike Google, YouTube considers CTA a critical ranking factor, which means the more people click on your video, the more YouTube will promote it. Consequently, the more people watch your videos, the more people will subscribe to your channel. 

Keywords can drag people to your channel, but whether they would subscribe to your channel or leave right away depends on the impression your channel creates on them. No one wants to subscribe to a channel that looks unprofessional and bland. Therefore, it is necessary to optimise your channel as well. Start with creating a keyword optimised YouTube channel description, a fantastic channel art, and playlist. Playlists are also a great way of increasing your channel’s watch time.

3. Interact with Your Audience

Interact with your audience by liking and replying to their comments. It helps create a loyal community and eventually results in a larger fanbase. Also, sometimes the audience does suggest content ideas for your following videos. Do try to make a few videos from the suggestions made by your audience as it encourages audience participation. 

And more importantly, do not hesitate from asking your audience to subscribe to your channel. Before asking your audience to click on the subscribe button, it is often good to demonstrate why your channel is worth subscribing to.

4. Focus on Video Quality 

If you want to increase your YouTube subscribers, choose quality over quantity. Today, almost everyone has a YouTube channel, and millions of videos are uploaded every minute. So, give people a reason to choose your channel over others by creating quality content.

It is okay to upload one or two videos in a week but make sure that the information you provide is accurate and unique. Additionally, maintain a consistent schedule of uploading your videos because you do not want to keep your audience waiting. At the end of your videos, you can mention when you would upload your next video to increase hype and simultaneously increase the CTA.

5. Promote Your YouTube Channel

Promote your YouTube channel as much as you can to gain more subscribers. You can collaborate with other YouTube channels having a fair subscriber base to attract them to your channel. You can also organise contests or giveaways to encourage people to subscribe to your channel. 

Promote your channel on distinct social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin etc., by creating posts, stories, and reels. Or generate blog posts and embed your video links. Remember, you need to grab every opportunity that will make your channel known to people.

So, I hope this post helps you increase your YouTube subscriber count. All the tips mentioned above will assist you in getting more subscribers to your channel. However, your YouTube channel certainly doesn’t grow overnight, and it takes time and utmost dedication to grow your channel and gain loyal subscribers organically. 

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