What’s the one thing we all do right when we wake up? Check your phone; you’d be lying if you said meditation. Instagram stories are the first feature you check on, where you know about the latest party location, latest brand promotion and so on. This blog will give you the latest story ideas to make your social media presence an exciting and creative space to visit often. 

What are Instagram Stories? 

Instagram Stories are full vertical screen, mobile-friendly content. Still, images are shown for 5 seconds and videos 15 seconds long. They are interactive because of clickable stickers, prompts to click a link, and comment on a poster. IG stories disappear entirely after 24 hours. 

These short disappearing images and videos form a crucial part of a brand’s social media marketing strategy because It is a popular feature and attracts customers. It has a powerful shopping feature and interactive feature. IG Stories are the first thing to be seen by anyone coming to your profile, and it appears above your feed. 

How to Make Instagram Stories 

  1. Open the Instagram app and click on the plus icon at the top of the screen. 

  2. Select Account at the bottom menu or swipe right to open the camera. 

  3. Take a picture by tapping on a white circle or make a video by pressing and holding the white circle.

  4. Add stickers, texts or GIFs of your choice. 

  5. “Your story” to share with your followers.

Instagram Story Highlights 

Instagram story highlight is a fantastic feature to show your story permanently rather than being deleted after 24 hours. It is an excellent feature if you want your success stories to continue forever. After 24 hours of posting any story, you can’t see the list of viewers, and it only shows view count.

Instagram story highlight gives an attractive hook to your follower and provides a curative story for them to watch. Instagram story highlight is a versatile feature that helps post different content types. This feature allows users to access your archive of previous stories to give them an idea about the brand’s concept and versatility. 

Tips for Using Instagram Story Highlight 

● Show your brands authenticity

● Show your brand aesthetics. The colour scheme palette and font size matter. Remember, “less is more.”

● Try to experiment to find your perfect look

● Remember, Instagram is a highly visual medium, so be authentic.

● Try adding buying options in the story itself, add bag emoji, etc.

How to Make Instagram Story Highlight 

● Open your IG app.

● Select the + sign on your feed or + sign at the top right corner.

● Click it, and it shows the story highlight option.

● If you have already uploaded a story, it will show all the stories or else follow the above steps to create a story first. 

● Select different images or videos click next. 

● Give a title, edit highlight cover and click add and done! 

Creative Instagram Story Ideas 

Everyone has a different goal to achieve on Instagram. It can be for personal use, personal branding, and brands to sell their products and make their customer aware. Here are some of the creative Instagram stories that a brand can use:

  • Team Introduction: Talk about their role and responsibility, their professional and fun side. Like-Minded people will resonate with them. Strong team ethics gives a sense of comfort to the buyers.
  • Showcase event: If you have an in-store event, show the excitement of people participating in it, and it will lead other people to join it as well. OR you can provide a link to register for the event.
  • Teasers of the product: If you have an upcoming product, teasers help warm your potential customers. 
  • Make brand or product announcement: If you have a sale or product coming up or are expanding your services, move your office. Stories are a great way to share them. Make sure to use Instagram shoppable features.
  • Show exclusive behind-the-scenes content: Everyone loves to see what goes behind making a product they use, and it creates a human element to it. 
  • Promote your product: It is the most important use of Instagram story for a brand to show its product with its benefits in a short video format.
  • Q&A Sessions: You can post answers given by your team to the query posted by the customers.
  • Go Live: Live videos are viral, and customers love to interact and have face-to-face conversations with their brand face in real-time.
  • Take your customers to ‘A Day at Work’: Everyone enjoys a sneak peek at how hard the brand is working to create a product of their customer’s choice.
  • Promote testimonials and reviews: It is a great way to gain customers’ trust—show stories in the form of chat or video testimonials. 
  • Unboxing story: Getting new things is exciting!! Isn’t it. Showing an unboxing experience of your goods creates an urge to buy it, and the chance increases more if your packaging is of premium level.
  • Show your desk, office area or workshop – Your customers will get to know the real you. A messy desk or clean cafeteria, a simple garden gives a hook to your customer to watch the story.
  • Repost Stories and Mentions – When you collaborate with other brands or promote a particular product, make sure to tag their mentions in your story and repost your tag mention. This attracts viewer count as both accounts will get traction.  
  • Templates for Stories – Various apps and websites provide free and paid templates for your Instagram stories. So that your page looks professional and gives a pleasing look, choose a particular design and theme to promote your stories and add them to your highlights. 

Instagram stories attract more viewers than your feed due to the constant activity and interaction through stickers and updates. All Instagram stickers can be used as a tool to get creative and immerse your brand’s aesthetic points regularly. Check out similar blogs on Instagram Stories, hashtags and algorithms which help promote your Instagram page.

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