Landing pages have become the deal of the hour. Every brand needs to have a highly effective landing page to carry out all its marketing campaigns effectively. In this age where online marketing is booming, landing pages have become a crucial element of every website. If a brand wants to run a marketing campaign and does not have an effective landing page, the campaign suffers and would not bring in the desired results. 

If you are looking for the right place to create a highly convertible landing page, we have got you covered. In this article, we will highlight the top five tips you must keep in mind to create a killer landing page. Let’s read on to find out! 

What Is A Landing Page? 

Let us start by defining the meaning of a landing page. A landing page is nothing but a simple page on your website created to achieve a particular goal or objective. Landing pages are usually created especially for marketing campaigns or to achieve specific business goals such as lead generation, brand awareness, new product launches, or other brand releases. 

One must understand that a landing is different from a website homepage. A landing page is a page that is independent of a website and web pages. A website or a homepage is found often through search, social media, word of mouth, or users visit through links. However, a landing page is found through organic search, which means that people find a landing page based on the usage of a specific keyword or out of a search result. 

What Are The Elements Of A Good Landing Page? 

Before diving into the tips that can help you create a killer landing page, let’s look at the different elements that make up a great landing page. The elements include,

  1. Headline – The headline text of your landing page is of prime importance. You must ensure that you have a great headline that uses attractive words and induces the visitor to take action or interest in your page. 
  2. Subheading – The second element of your landing page is to have a well-written subheading. This subheading must highlight the importance of the landing page. It can either be a single line or a phrase that speaks about the meaning of the landing page in a crisp manner. 
  3. Bullet Points – Followed by the subheading, you must ensure that you have listed down important bullet points about the product or the service to the potential target audience. At this stage, you must make sure that you add all the essential features on how your product or service will turn out to be valuable to the visitor (customer).  
  4. Call To Action – As the name suggests, the call to action button acts as a tool that helps the target audience to make a decision with ease. It acts as that gives the visitor instructions to take the next step. It helps them to take an action that is in favour of the brand or business. 
  5. Testimonials – Testimonials are the last yet most important element of a landing page. We all know the effectiveness of testimonials and how they can positively or negatively affect your brand. When a customer leaves a positive review of a product or service from your brand, it naturally builds the trust of your customers and acts as a decision making factor that induces them to make a purchase. Hence, having testimonials on your landing page is a great way to attract new customers and showcase customers’ affinity towards your business.

What Are The Top Tips To Create A Landing Page?

Coming down to the crux of this article, what are some key tips that one must remember while creating a landing page? We have got you five great tips that can help you create an effective landing page. Let’s find out! 

Pay Attention To Design  

The most important aspect of a landing page is to ensure that you have a great design. You must ensure that the look and feel of your page are structured in a clean and organised manner. Design plays a key role in driving traffic and increasing the conversion rate of your landing page. Giving importance to design doesn’t mean that you need to have an overly crowded and design-heavy landing page. You simply have to ensure that the page is clean and has high-quality and attractive images. 

You must ensure that all your call to action buttons are designed to attract the visitor’s eyes from the get-go. You must also pay attention to the colour coding of the entire landing page, and you must pick colours that do not diminish the value of the text on the landing page. Overall, you must ensure a clean and well-organised design to create a killer landing page. 

Using A Video 

If you would have noticed, most brands that run marketing or business campaigns and create specific landing pages for that single purpose often have specifically curated videos on the same. A video is a great way to connect with your target audience. A video, which has both visual and auditory elements, helps the audience connect easily with the purpose at hand and keeps them interested in the brand. 

Most marketers even suggest that having a video on a landing page can help drive engagement at a greater level. Therefore, while creating a landing page for a specific campaign, you can also consider investing resources in making a video that highlights your entire campaign in an attractive yet informative and engaging way. 

Adding A Form 

We have spoken about the different elements of a landing page earlier. However, out of all, the most important element of a landing page is a form. You might have a great landing page with a fantastic design, but if you don’t have a lead form, the whole purpose of your campaign will be lost altogether. 

Since you will have visitors flocking in to visit your landing page, you will have no medium through which you will capture the data of the visitors who can also be your potential customers. Hence, you must ensure that your landing page has a form that helps collect all the visitors’ details. It can be a form that includes basic information such as name and other contact details to allow the brand to reach out to the customer that visited the landing page. It can also help track down the visitors who have made a purchase decision or have taken an action on the website. 

Keep It Mobile Friendly 

It is well-known that most of the traffic that comes to websites and landing pages is through smartphones, and this has led to brands investing time and resources in making their website or landing page that is web-friendly and mobile-friendly. Keeping in mind the increased usage of mobile phones, it has become necessary for every brand to make its landing page responsive for all mobile users. Hence, you must ensure that all your website is highly mobile responsive and designed so that it is easy to navigate and is mobile-ready. 

It’s Time To Test! 

The last yet most important part of tip in building an effective landing page is to test the landing page you want to create. Every effective and smooth landing page is not created without ample hours invested in testing the landing page. It is essential to test, track and monitor your entire landing page before making it live to your audience. 

We hope that all these tips can help you create an effective landing page for your upcoming campaigns. Creating a landing page is not a burdensome task anymore! Read our blog How To Write a Blog Post to know more on how you can write a great blog for your website.

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