Converting an entrepreneurial dream or a good business idea into reality often proves to be difficult because sometimes it becomes hard to figure out how to start a business and precisely what kind of business is the best choice. So before starting a business venture, one must develop an idea and a comprehensive plan to run a successful business. 

It is rightly said that creating a unique business idea begins with finding one. Nowadays, many young and energetic people are looking for small business ideas with low investment. 

Following are such 12 low investment exciting business ideas for starting a small business in India.


Opening a well-furnished kiosk is a creative business idea and has been the latest trend. Maintaining an attractive ambience with some decorative infrastructure and various options on the menu has always proved to be a profit-making business. One can highly start this business with low investment as the owner needs a rented or owned place, a few inventories, and nothing else. 

Children Play Zone

Another profitable business idea with low investment is opening a children’s park nearby. Since children enjoy spending their time in parks and playgrounds, one can easily frame a business plan and implement it by starting a children’s play area. 

Online Craft Classes

Amidst the busy schedule of daily life, nothing can provide solace to a tired mind other than art. So, if you are someone passionate about art and crafts, let your artistic side unleash. 

Some of the best business options in this field include conducting exciting and fun workshops and classes/courses online via platforms like Zoom and Google Meet to enlighten the curious minds with the spirit of art and craft.

Bonus: Selling your artistic creations through social media platforms can add extra income at the end of the day.

Customised Gift Store

In today’s life, customised gift stores are trendy and in-demand. It is one of the best creative ideas related to business with minimal investment. Customers always look for customisation in their gifts to make them more unique. 

Serving them what they require will surely benefit one’s business and increase their profits highly. In this type of small business, you need to deliver customised products, customised cards, coffee mugs, mirrors, watches, photo albums as per the client’s needs and requirements.

Game Organiser or Event Manager

Persons possessing excellent communication skills and creativity can become event managers or game organisers at birthday or anniversary parties or other special occasions.

With a low investment scheme, an entrepreneur can easily start party services and offer various services such as venue decoration, mascot appearance, organising different games, buying and packing return gifts, and making the event successful.

Yoga Class

In countries like India, the wellness industry is growing day by day. In this fast-paced life, people get tired of their routine work and want to give some time to themselves to attain peace. Keeping this necessity in mind, one can start yoga classes at home and train individuals to lead a healthy life with just a little investment.

Mobile Phone Repairing Business / Recharge /Accessories

It is one of the most popular business ideas nowadays. You can think of this business if you have received training and know-how to repair a mobile phone. 

Since almost 750 million smartphone users are present in India, technicians’ need to repair smartphones is very high. Moreover, everyone can not afford to buy a new phone at the first hint of trouble. Therefore this unique business idea can do a good business and earn a good profit margin at the same time. 

Besides smartphone repairing, one can also sell mobile accessories and credit recharge to the customers. And believe me, the investment is marginal.

Tiffin Service

Another best small business idea for entrepreneurs is to start tiffin services. For many working professionals who cannot cook at home due to time shortage or stay away from home, tiffin services are becoming a convenient option.

People, irrespective of men and women, who love to cook for others, can start this meal service or tiffin services in their kitchen involving minimum cost with maximum return. Delivering fresh homemade meals to the workplace and home has become very popular day by day, which is being listed as one of the important and profitable businesses nowadays.

Childcare/ Babysitting

It is an excellent small-business idea for women to start a business from their home. A very marginal investment is required in buying toys, mattresses, disposal diapers, first aid boxes, antiseptic lotions, etc. 

Nowadays, most parents are working couples, and there is an urgent need to look for a trustworthy babysitter for their kids in this scenario. Therefore this business idea is attractive as well as profitable.

Small Garage (Mobile Garage)

There is rarely anyone who has not faced cars, motorbikes, and scooter breakdowns in the middle of busy roads sometimes or the other. So, those willing to work hard and are an expert in repairing vehicles can open a small garage with low investment. All you need is a garage and all the necessary tools for repairing the vehicle.


People who love to maintain a beautiful environment and surround their homes with small plants and shrubs can start a small business of flower nurseries. It is indeed a great business idea for nature lovers. Besides this, they can also sell fertiliser packets and other garden requirements. 

Pickles, Jams, and Sauces

Nowadays, almost everyone is conscious of their health and hygiene. As a result, the demand for homemade pickles, jams, and sauces is always on the rise. We are well aware that homemade foodstuffs contain fewer chemicals than market products; people prefer these over store-bought varieties. So, keeping this in mind, one can start making pickles, jams, and sauces following traditional, chemical-free methods and earn their desired profit by staying at home.

So before you start to invest in such small businesses, always remember that you need to have all the necessary skills for the proper functioning of your business and make sure that you are well aware of all the legal rules and license procedures. Such unique and lucrative ideas mainly depend on your networking expertise and proper knowledge in the niche.

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