We all want to start our own business, don’t we? With instant access to financial aid and assistance, there are a large number of businesses being born everyday. A recent study has revealed that by 2030, India would turn out to be the third-largest economy on the global front. This simply denotes that the Indian business scenario is said to grow at a rapid rate due to factors such as government assistance, international trade and the strong developing economy of India.

The increasing entrepreneurial spirit amongst the youth of the country has led to the growth of several new business ideas every day. In this article, we are going to talk about a few very lucrative and potential  new business ideas you can explore; 

1. Business Ideas for Digital Marketing

As we explore the digital world for new business ideas, one can find Digital Marketing as a potentially highly successful business idea. There are numerous opportunities in the field of digital marketing. With digital marketing as a new business idea, you either start off as a ‘Digital marketing freelancer’ or brush up your skills. You can also take up the task of promoting different products and services and earn a handsome amount of money. In addition to that, you can either create your own startup or help budding entrepreneurs in giving their startup a digital push. 

Pro Tip If you are looking to get started with digital marketing or want to grasp digital marketing skills with ease, take up Google’s Digital Marketing Certification Program or any other online course and sharpen your digital marketing skills. 

2. Business Ideas for Content Writing and Blogging

If you think you are someone who has good writing skills and a basic understanding of marketing, you can easily establish yourself as a content writer or a blogger. Out of the several new business ideas in 2021, content writing and blogging is one of the most increasingly adopted new business ideas 

If you’re looking for a side hustle or to start a new business venture, here’s your cue to turn it into a profitable one by stepping into the world of content. With excellent reading and writing skills, you can make content writing a great business for yourself and establish a great network of clients and satisfy your customers. When compared to other new business ideas, content writing and blogging does not require any prior investment, except for your time and dedication. 

Pro Tip – If you are looking to pick up content writing and blogging as a new business idea for 2021 and 2022, invest your time into learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how it can add value to your content. 

3. Business Ideas for Food Delivery Service

The food delivery market in India has been on the rise in the past decade. There are several food delivery applications that have been outperforming in the market and have successfully expanded their operations across India. Hence, starting your own cloud kitchen has turned out to be a successful new business idea due to the high demand in the market. With the increase in the number of individuals working from home or working outstations, access to home-cooked food is quite difficult for these working professionals. Hence, if you are looking for a successful new business idea with minimal investments, you must consider starting your own cloud kitchen. 

Pro Tip – One can easily start a food delivery service by aggregating as a restaurant partner on any popular food delivery application in India. Read our blog  ‘Zomato Partner Registration’ to know more and get your new business listed on Zomato. 

4.Business Ideas for Event Management and Planning

The conversation around event management and event planning has been long overdue. Since the past few decades, event management as a business idea has been highly commercial. Similarly, as a new business idea, event management and planning has become highly profitable. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party or even a surprise party for your beloved ones, event managers and event planners help you in putting together a great show and make some beautiful memories. 

Pro Tip – While starting off with event management and planning as a new business idea, you can get a professional certification and start with volunteering by attending local events and later establish your new business idea as an event manager. 

5. Business Ideas for Dropshipping

When compared to other new business ideas, dropshipping is a relatively easy business to start without investing a significantly large amount of money. It doesn’t even require you to stock or buy any products. When you start dropshipping as a new business idea 2021, you can instantly earn upto three times the profit when compared to the seller’s price. If you have chosen Dropshipping as your new business idea, you can simply choose a supplier, create your e-commerce website and get started with promoting the products online on your respective social media platforms. 

Pro Tip – To get started with Dropshipping as your new business idea, you must start with finding your niche, conduct ample research and start with building your online store with Biyaki. 

If you are someone who has a flair for art and craft, then creating a customised craft business can be a great new business idea. With your own crafting skills and attention to creativity, you can create custom-made products and personalised handicrafts which you can sell or trade for profits.

Pro Tip – If you have decided to take up customised handicrafts as your new business idea 2021, create an online presence for your business and start selling your customised crafts to your customers. 

7. Business Ideas for Thrifting 

As a new business idea, thrifting can be a great option. The idea of and the thrifting economy is booming largely due to the positive impact it brings to the environment and how it promotes the concept of ‘sustainable living’. With thrifting as an emerging business idea among the younger generations, you can either start with thrifting clothes or any other articles for either home decor, furnishings, or products that have resale value. The thrifting market in India is slowly picking up and it can turn out to be a potentially highly profitable new business idea. 

Pro Tip – If you are looking for thrifting as a new business idea, go ahead and create your own brand with an online presence and reach out to many customers online. 

8. Business Ideas for Fitness Expert

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Do you love working out and keeping yourself fit and active, if yes, being a fitness expert can be a great new business idea for you. You can join as a fitness trainer at your nearest fitness club or gym. You don’t have to make an investment until you plan to start your own fitness centre. 

Pro Tip – By choosing fitness as your business idea,you have multiple opportunities to explore. You can either be a gym instructor, yoga expert, aerobics instructor or Zumba trainer. 

9. Business Ideas for Professional Services

If you possess any skills related to beauty, personal care and health care, interior designing, pet grooming and care or any other related services, you can start minting money from the comfort of your home. Just pick up a professional service that you’re good at, and find the appropriate clients and offer your services to them. Since these professional services fall under the purview of ‘on-demand services you can make a great amount of profit. 

Pro Tip – While starting off with a professional service, remember to always create a portfolio of all your previous works and document them for your future reference or tie up with a bigger brand who could help bring you customers in exchange of a small commissionary fee, for e.g., Urban Company 

10. Business Ideas for E-Commerce Niche Store

Last, but certainly not the least, an e-commerce store is one of the most happening new business ideas for 2021 and 2022. The online shopping industry has been booming and the e-commerce industry is emerging as one of the fastest-growing marketplaces and draws a huge number of audiences to its platforms every single day. Whether you have your own products to sell or you want to sell products as a third party, starting an e-commerce store is now really easy. 

Pro Tip – Want to know how to start your own e-commerce store and create profits right from the comfort of your homes? Visit www.web.bikayi.com to know more. 


In addition to these above-mentioned new business ideas, there are numerous upcoming business ideas you will find online that you can explore.  While picking a new business idea, remember to always analyse your strengths, weaknesses, and other aspects carefully to run the business of your choice. Start the business of your dreams today! 


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