A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a document issued by an authority or a person, artificial or real, stating that the person has no objection to the terms and conditions mentioned in the certificate. 

A NOC is used in various aspects such as business, trades, property, other financial and non-financial aspects where it is needed. It is a legal document and hence is valid. The certificate declares that the authority has no objection towards the person it is issued in doing the acts specified in the certificate.  

Purpose of a No Objection Certificate

A No Objection Certificate is an important document as not only does it help one to carry out their activities, business or other efficiently, but being a legal document, it can also act as evidence in case of conflicts or litigations. 

This certificate ensures that the activities are done with the approval of the authority that has issued them. Therefore, it would help avoid confusion and conflict of interest. 

Documents Required to Apply for a No Objection Certificate 

The following documents are required to apply for a No Objection Certificate – 

  1. Identity Proof (generally Aadhar Card) 
  2. Application Letter for the No Objection Certificate 
  3. Photo proof 
  4. Address Proof 

Note – These are the essential documents required for any NOC application. Additional documents will be required depending on the conditions for which one requires a NOC. 

Time Validity of a No Objection Certificate 

A No Objection Certificate is generally valid for up to six months. 

Types of No Objection Certificate in India 

No Objection Certificates are required for various purposes in India. A list of the same is here below. 

  1. Transfer of Property 
  2. GST purposes 
  3. Litigations 
  4. Visa for Employment 
  5. Student Visa 
  6. The landlord in case of tenancy
  7. NOC issued by an employer to an employee while leaving the job 
  8. NOC for banking purposes 
  9. NOC as an experience certificate 
  10.  NOC during passport application 
  11.  NOC for travelling as a tourist 

Application for a No Objection Certificate 

The application for a NOC needs to be made in writing and should be made to the concerned authority requesting them to grant a No Objection Certificate. One should mention the reason and purpose for the NOC in the application. 

Contents of a No Objection Certificate 

  1. Date 

Since there is a specified time validity of a No Objection Certificate, it is imperative that you mention the date on the certificate.    

  1. Title 

It is important to mention the title of any document. Besides the date, the NOC should foremost mention the title to avoid confusion. 

  1. Details of the Authority/Issuer 

The No Objection Certificate should mention the details of the person/authority issuing it. It should mention the name of the person and the capacity in which it is issued. 

  1. Declaration

The declaration should state that the issuing authority/person has no objection to the mentioned conditions. 

  1. Signature 

A No Objection Certificate being a document, should be signed by the person issuing it. In cases where the issuing authority is an artificial person, it should be signed by an officer and a stamp of the organisation.     

Cases where No Objection Certificate is Required 

  1. NOC in case of properties 

For transfer of property, a No Objection Certificate is required in the event of a person’s death. When more than one legal heir is present and there is a transfer of property from the owner to one of them, a NOC from other legal heirs is crucial.    

  1. NOC in case of banking matters

Generally, whenever a person desires to buy a home or vehicle, etc., through a bank loan, a No Objection Certificate from the bank is required, stating that the borrower of the loan has complied with all the requirements for availing the loan.     

  1. NOC in case of registering a vehicle at the RTO  

When a person is registering their vehicle from one state to another, a NOC by the RTO of the state is required. The vehicle owner requires a NOC from the RTO of the state from where the vehicle was previously issued in order to register it with the RTO of another state.  

  1. NOC for company registration

When any company buys on rent or lease a property, to use it as a registered office of the company, a NOC is required from the landlord of the premises, stating that they have no objection towards the company using the property as the office or the place of business as specified. 

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