Do you have an online store that deals with products in sectors like clothing, apparel and footwear? Do you own an e-commerce business that needs a size chart to make shopping decisions easier for the consumer? Well, if you don’t have one on your website or want to make the best of the existing size chart on your e-commerce store, we have something to tell you. 

If you are an e-commerce business owner who wants to give your shoppers a seamless shopping experience, you’re at the right place. This article will talk about the importance of having a size chart on your online store and how you can integrate it into your online e-commerce store using Bikayi’s Advance E-Commerce package. 

What Are Size Charts? 

As the name itself says, a size chart is a chart that shows the different range of sizes of clothing, apparel or footwear that is available on your online store. It is a chart that contains specific information regarding the size and helps customers make informed purchase decisions. It is almost mandatory for e-commerce businesses that deal with clothing, apparel and footwear or even accessories to provide a size chart. It helps the shopper or the visitor to understand the sizing range of the products visible on your website. 

You can even divide your size chart based on the product sold in your online store. Let us suppose that you are selling footwear on your online store; you must give the foot length in the standard UK, India and US sizes both in centimetres and inches accordingly. If you own an e-commerce business that deals with the sale of clothes or clothing products, you must ensure that your size chart has the size of the height, hip, bust and waist of every piece of clothing offered on your website for your customers. Hence, size charts play a prime role in every online store and e-commerce business. 

Why Are Size Charts Important For Your Online Store? 

One of the easiest ways to make sales on your e-commerce store is to provide your shoppers with all the necessary information. In that way, providing a size chart using Bikayi’s Advance E-Commerce features can do wonders for your online store. 

If you are still wondering why size charts are necessary for your online business, we have outlined the top four reasons you should have a size chart for your online store. Let’s read on to find out. 

Reveals Product Information 

The first and foremost benefit of providing a size chart on your e-commerce store is to provide information to the visitor or the potential customer. A size chart helps in giving complete detailed information about the product (either footwear or apparel). This way draws the customer’s attention to the product and helps them choose the ideal fit. 

We are all aware that the option of having a trial is not available in all the online stores. Hence having a size chart can save you this trouble and helps your customers to choose the product as per their size. On the brighter side, having a size chart also reduces the possibility of a refund and saves you time while increasing your profits. 

One Solution to Multiple Brands 

If you are an online business owner who is into drop shipping or any reselling business, we are sure that you host and sell products across diverse brands. All brands have specific sizes for their products, and it might be confusing for shoppers to choose their sizes. Having a size chart might serve an excellent purpose for all shoppers visiting your online store in such a scenario. They can find the product of their choice, select the preferred size, and instantly make the purchase. Hence, having a size chart is highly beneficial when you sell or resell products with multiple brands. 

Draws International Shoppers 

Let’s suppose that you have an online thrifting store and you want to take your business online to a global audience. While thinking of taking your business online, you must also look into aspects of your business and find out whether it has all the requirements. While going global, an important thing to consider is ensuring that the product sizes cater to the global audience. Therefore, having a size chart that suits the needs of the global audience must be available on your online store for every product. 

An online store is meant to have no boundaries and is supposed to be open to an extensive audience network, and a size chart must be present on your website by default. If you still don’t have a size chart on your website, speak to our experts at Bikayi and integrate a size chart into your website today. 

Increases Your Sales Rate 

The last important reason for having a size chart helps add to your online store’s overall sales. Shopping is quite a difficult task, and shoppers often remain uncertain about their shopping decisions because of the lack of information available about the product. Hence, it is important to have a size chart to ease your customers to shop for products seamlessly. 

When you have a size chart in place, customers who visit your website often make quicker purchase decisions, which will directly translate into an increase in the sales of your products. Once these size charts are available for every product on your website, it gives complete information about the product, and people tend to purchase the products of their choice right away. 


If you wish to scale up, you need to rethink your decision and integrate a size chart into your online store. Reach out to our experts at Bikayi and create a size chart for your online store today. Do visit bikayi to know more. 

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