Social media is the rage nowadays, and it is easy to manoeuvre all of them as they have similar algorithms and patterns to upload pictures and tags; it’s a plus point for new businesses. However, the one social media app which is quite popular yet underrated for business is the Pinterest App. 

Pinterest has been around for a long time, and whilst it was popular way before the other apps today, the potential growth for the business is less utilised. Let’s dive further into the app and its uses for interaction in 2022.

What Is Pinterest Online

Pinterest is a visual discovery board; it enables users to share and discover ideas on their virtual bulletin boards. These ideas can amount from images, videos, gifts to quotes in the form of Pin Boards. However, with 478 million+ users, it has evolved into an effective sales tool due to its visual imagery and retail-friendly interface. Pinterest is the pitstop for finding inspiration from ideas, coming up with new products and more. 

How Does Pinterest Work

In this platform, Pinterest users are called Pinners. The pinners can save links on their boards (account) of any description, image, video, GIF etc. It could be related to their interests or anything random, pushing Pinterest to show users similar content. 

Users can also upload their pins onto the space, which will eventually help brands search and marketing. Users are also encouraged to organise their boards into categories. It gets easier to search and save their images; they can also keep their boards private, just like having a personal account. 

Your Profile On Pinterest

Pinterest can show you random images at first when you haven’t created an account yet, so to get a curated list of interests, you must first create your account and log in.

Home Feed – The home page is the first page to be shown, and the images shown here are the interests you picked out during your sign up. You can see and interact with the pins by saving them and uploading your pins for others to see; you can also contact the help centre for frequently asked questions.

Personal Board – Just above the ? button, you can create a pin, select that, and upload any multimedia pin such as image, video, audio, etc. Add a caption and add it to a board or just on Pinterest and click upload for the pin creation. 

Profile – Personalise your profile with your brand’s logo as a profile picture, and add your email address for feature updates. Also, connect your external websites link on Pinterest for people to check additional information. 

Pinterest Features and Tools

Pinterest is a visual search engine due to its catalogue of ideas which encourages users to take inspiration from and create designs. People can also save other people’s pins and repin on their website, similar to reposting. You can also follow specific boards of multiple fashion categories, home furniture, boy bands etc., and save them under your pinboard. Pinterest has made the app user-intuitive by allowing the users to upload videos of any length for a brand or personal account. 

  • Explore Feed 

Once you create an account, your pin feed is a set of pins in chronological order of your following. The home feed collects pins you follow, interact with, and trending pins. The promoted pins are advertisements you could be interested in, and the Today feature shows trending pins on the platform.

  • Visual Search 

You can also search through images if you do not know the product’s name. In 2017, Pinterest introduced the Pinterest lens, which helps users search elements in similar images stored in the Pinterest database. This feature makes searching and exploring easier for users and the app. 

  • Shopping and Catalogue 

Many retailers can set up a visual storefront to promote their products through descriptions, images, videos etc. The rich pins section enhances a customer experience, especially while they go through business pages, so make sure your catalogues are categorised accordingly.

  • Pinterest Analytics 

Pinterest Analytics is pretty similar to Google Analytics; it provides detailed statistics on the web traffic, pins, click rates, famous quotient etc. The stats give the marketers an idea about their content and ways to improve their sales. 

What To Add to Your Business Pinterest 

When you create a profile on Pinterest, choose a business account as they help merchants, creators, and any business get more out of Pinterest. You’ll get access to analytics, ads and exclusive content formats. Business accounts are free, and it’s quick to sign up.

  1. Features Boards – While setting up your profile, you will be given an option to set your featured board; you can set this board only after setting up regular boards. This featured board contains your most important content for the viewers and highlights your profile to direct the audience to it. Make sure all your boards are organised in niches and give off an aesthetically pleasing vibe for more visitors. 
  2. Keywords – Optimisation is vital in every platform when it comes to business. Since Pinners log on Pinterest to search for ideas or products and immediately even buy the product on the forum, you should include all the keywords they might use for your product. Hashtags are essential for visibility; the best way to look for these keywords is through the promoted pins section. 
  3. Product Pins – These are trendy pins, a subset of rich pins. These show users a snippet of pictures and videos for the user to buy the product from the site directly.
  4. Blog Posts – Blog content has always been relevant on this platform, where you can add an image with the text on the top and add a caption with a compelling call-to-action (CTA). 
  5. Infographics – Since Visuals take centre stage on Pinterest, make sure you upload high-quality images and videos for more views and collaborations with group boards also make the photos seem vibrant and refreshing. 
  6. Promoted Pins – These are Pinterest advertising pins; they run in an auction-style where advertisers bid for the pins. You can pay for them based on your brand’s goal of clicks, sales, installations etc. It would help if you chose a campaign goal for a promotion that shows up in various user feeds and boards for your business. 

Why is Pinterest valuable for Businesses?

There are 478 million active users on a monthly statistics report for 2021, and the market value is 49.1 Billion, which is double the user rate. These numbers are a good sign for businesses to use Pinterest online for their sales and promotions. The amount of users statistics with pins saved widens the spectrum for e-commerce businesses to marketing potential medium. Here are some tips to follow those boost products on Pinterest to their maximum potential for sales.

Longer Lifespan – When a user posts a picture on their platform, the visibility is maximum for two to three days for organic posting. It disappears with the rest of the images. Facebook and Twitter need booster advertisements to promote their products continuously for reach, but on Pinterest, the image has a longer lifespan, helping products reach more people. 

Brand Awareness – The more followers, the more brand awareness. Pinterest has changed its algorithm to a smart feed, which determines users’ pins based on their common interests. Brands need to post at least 15-20 pins daily to attract more followers, leading to more visibility. 

Use Buy Buttons for Sales – Pinterest introduced a Buy button alongside the product pins, so when users are interested in a specific product, they can directly buy it from Pinterest. This button helps e-commerce businesses for more sales as users can now purchase products without going through an entire procedure of signing in and out. 

Pin Your Interest!

Pinterest has a vast international growth and has gained considerable momentum of advertising for their products, which has led to an enormous user base, further paving the way for small businesses to advertise here. 

E-commerce businesses have a lot of scope on Pinterest through consistency, quality and frequency, which helps users for inspiration and creativity. Since Pinterest runs on a community model, it encourages users to often engage with the pins and be active on their platform. 

So keep up with the frequency, upload your pins and keep on track with the updates, and you’re good to go!

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