Podcasts can be called the modern radio talks of today’s genesis. There were times as a kid when we all listened to daily astrology reading on our televisions early in the morning while getting ready for school, but never really watching it. It was always a background noise but informational to people listening. Podcasts are similar, except now everyone has the opportunity to start their podcast talking about their experiences or area of interest. There are many mediums to host your podcast where people can even subscribe to learn something new on their way in a metro. 

What is the Meaning of Podcast?

Podcast is a series of audio episodes that users can download or listen to with the help of a specific application. A Podcast is a great way to enjoy content worldwide as they do not have border barriers. 

How To Start A Podcast

  1. Choose a Podcast Topic
    A common mistake is getting over-excited to record a Podcast and not thinking of their topic of interest and longevity of the case. You can choose your topic based on your interest in a specific topic and its community needs. The capacity to record a scalable amount of episodes should be exciting and keep the attention of audience-focused and not drift due to the monotonous tone. 
  2. Pick Your Podcast Name
    The podcast name should be catchy, self-explanatory, and with some rhythm to it as it will help you create a theme around it, rounding off the edges, which will give your podcast a good identity. The title of your podcast is what makes it sell in the first place, as it appeals to the listener first. Don’t bind your title to your topics, as topics can change with time, so centre your title around your end goal. 
  3. Write a Compelling Podcast Description
    Imagine looking at a product with a poorly explained description. Would you buy it? The most probable answer will be no! That’s why a poor description hampers your podcast, even if it’s good. It should be compelling; this will decide whether listeners will stick around for longer or not. The use of keywords and phrases is essential, and a well-written description will always earn you brownie points. Ensure you don’t make it generic; instead, a clickbaity title will effectively bring listeners to your podcasts.
  4. Decide on Your Podcast Format
    Whether short sketches, extended episodes, or interviews, the style of your show gives different advantages to your podcast. One should always consider all options and keep open to all types. Sketches are a hit on these platforms, usually keeping the audience entertained, and interviews give them new perspectives. 
  5. Record Episodes
    Once the basic requirements are prepared, like script material and microphone with no background noise, press the record button and start recording. Waiting for a perfect moment won’t be helpful. You will struggle a lot; your first podcast won’t be that perfect. Here’s when editing comes to the rescue. There are many free editing tools available to edit your podcast. Do note, keep your listeners’ persona in mind while recording. 
  6. Promotion 
    The podcasts can be seen and heard both, but if you opt for a listening pod, make sure the recording is clear, and there is no background noise. It is unnecessary to record through a sound booth with a microphone; the essential requirement is not to let the background noise in with the content as that is a definite deal-breaker for a lost podcast. Let the world know about your podcast. Upload your podcast even though it’s not that perfect. With each episode, you will get perfect; share links on social handles and urge your known ones to share for more visibility. 
  7. Podcast Format
    The Podcast format is the method to organise your Podcast show. Sticking to one Podcast format will give your listeners an idea about what to expect from your performance. Without a Podcast format, your display will seem unorganised and disjoint listeners. Here is the simplified explanation of a few popular Podcast formats; choose the one that suits your presentation the best.
  • Interview: An interview Podcast format features a host and the guest. Feature a new guest in each episode who talks about their expertise and experience. At the beginning of each episode, the guest gives their brief introduction; after that, the host takes over and asks questions to guests regarding their life, career, childhood, ladder to success etc. Make sure you are thoroughly updated about their current lifestyle choice as it is under preparation to interview without any prior rehearsal.  
  • Solo or Monologue: Solo or monologue Podcast format is popular amongst beginner Podcasters. All you need is a microphone and decent editing software. The host can speak about anything under the sun, as long as it sticks to the podcast’s theme. Few people have hard times talking for 30-45 minutes on a single topic at a stretch; for them, writing a complete script of each episode is recommended. Make sure it is exciting at the start to hook the audience to sit through the end. 

How to Make Money Through Podcast

Affiliate marketing and advertising are the common ways to earn from a podcast, and other options include crowdfunding and donations and offering learning courses through subscriptions. Some of the most popular apps for listening to podcasts are Apple Podcast, Audible, Spotify Stitcher and Google Podcasts. They all provide information on all industries available to learn something new on a free and paid basis.

4 Best Recommended Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

Podcasts hosted by experienced entrepreneurs and expert guests are a great treasure. They give quick tips and insights into businesses of interest and provide an extra edge over others in knowing how business functions and entrepreneurial mindset. 

  • Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Series
    Host: Bob Sutton
    Stanford University hosts a weekly Podcast where industry experts participate and share their experiences and ideas.
  • Startup Stories – Mixergy
    Host: Andrew Warner
    Andrew Warner is a fantastic host who shares his experience of starting his own business. While adding big names from the industry, the podcast gives a glimpse of entrepreneurs’ grit and dedicated journey and creates a community called The Mixergy, which offers college-like access to entrepreneurial and business lessons.
  • HBR IdeaCast
    Host: Alison Beard, Curt Nickisch
    This weekly podcast offers great weight to boost your thinking capabilities by featuring leading thinkers in the business and management sector.
  • The GaryVee Audio Experience
    Host: Gary Vaynerchuk
    Gary is a business enthusiast who passionately hosts his show featuring successful CEOs, vloggers, and experienced entrepreneurs through a weekly Podcast of 50 minutes.

If you’ve read it so far, congratulations. You’re on your way to having a successful podcast. These are the basic steps to guide you to start a podcast business in your beginner’s phase. As the podcast broadens the reach and subscribers pour in, you can also open a WordPress account to journal on these topics and embed your links to lead through either platform and build a base.

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