The RCM Business plan is wholly based on direct marketing, also known as Multi-level Marketing (MLM). Thousands of homemakers, working professionals and passive income seekers are their business associates. These business associates purchase a product from MLM companies and sell it directly to the customer. In turn, they receive a fixed amount of money for each sale as commission for marketing and promoting the company.

What is RCM Business?

RCM Business is India’s largest direct selling company, with a network of over 10 million direct sellers. Most Multi-level Marketing (MLM) companies operating in India are foreign companies. However, RCM Business is based in India, and most of the products sold by this company are manufactured in India.

Why is RCM Business Important

RCM Business offers a wide range of products to its customers. It sells personal care products, kitchen appliances, healthcare products, groceries, food items and has an extensive collection of fashion products, from clothing or accessories. This company has something to offer to everyone. Any small business or supplier who are starting out as a company has a great opportunity to start their business at a reasonable rate.

RCM Business App

In May 2016, RCM launched its mobile application to operate its business at its fingertips. It has over a million downloads and helps sellers deliver products to their customer’s doorstep. The RCM mobile app showcases products and tools such as videos, presentations, and infographics assisting direct sellers in growing their business and upscaling their income. The app is a one-stop solution for all customers and sellers. Direct sellers can quickly check out business volume and create a registered buyer list with the help of the app.

How to Become a Direct Seller on the RCM Business Website?

Be it a working professional or a homemaker, anyone can become a direct seller or MLM associate of RCM Business. It’s pretty simple to join the business. 

  1. Step 1 – Visit their website or install the RCM Business mobile app from the Play Store. 

  2. Step 2 – On the RCM Business website/app, select the Direct Seller option 

  3. Step 3 – Select e-KYC application for new direct seller

  4. Step 4 – Once you choose this option, a registration form will appear on the page. Download this form and carefully fill in the required information. You also have to fill in Know Your Customer (KYC) details as RCM Business involves bank transactions.   

You have two options for joining RCM Business; either submit the form online or email it. Or mail it by India post to the postal address mentioned on the form. Shipping from to postal address is highly recommended as you can attach copies of your ID proofs. 

How To Login To RCM Business App

  1. If you’re a new user , the first step is to register your mobile number for further login.

2. Enter your mobile number and set a password.

3. Go back to the login page, you will receive an identification box , enter your details.

4. Sign in below and start your business.

RCM Business Pricing

Before you start working as a direct seller or MLM associate for RCM Business, you need to understand RCM Business pricing thoroughly. The price mentioned on the tag, i.e. Maximum Retail Price (MRP), is higher than the price you pay for products to RCM Business, and the price you pay to RCM Business includes product and shipping costs. As per Indian laws, every product manufactured or sold in India and imported items should have the MRP. All kinds of taxes and other charges are included in the MRP. 

RCM Business allows the seller to sell products either at MRP or at a discount according to their buyer psychology. A seller can sell the product at a discounted price to a retainer or bulk buyer. To convert new customers into regular ones, sellers can offer them freebies or attractive discounts. The seller has the freedom to decide what they want to charge for the product. However, as per policy, selling any product above its MRP is strictly prohibited by RCM Business.

Suppose a company is manufacturing a product at X cost. However, until the product reaches customers, its cost increases as manufacturing cost, company profit, product promotion, selling agency profit, wholesaler profit, and retailer profit increase. This is the principal disadvantage of a traditional distribution system. That’s why direct selling is included in the RCM Business plan. All the other expenses get eliminated in direct selling, and the product reaches the customer at lower rates. RCM Business provides good quality products that direct sellers can sell to their customers by increasing profits. 

Types of Income Under RCM Business Plan

RCM Business allows its users to earn income in various ways: retail profit, royalty bonus, performance bonus and technical bonus.

  • Retail Profits: Retail profits are the prime benefit of RCM Business. The direct seller can purchase a product from RCM Business at 10-20 percent off and resell it at MRP.
  • Royalty bonus: RCM Business provides 3 to 8 percent of royalty bonus to its direct sellers based on their Business Value (BV). Royalty is calculated every month and is given based on the difference by deducting downline royalty from total royalty. To get this royalty bonus, RCM direct sellers must fulfil some conditions mentioned below.
    The direct seller must have an annual personal purchase of more than 1500 BV (business value).
    To receive royalty income, they should have two legs, one being the central leg (INR 3,30,500 + BV) and the other of INR 1,50,000 + BV.
  • Performance bonus: Performance bonus is determined based on Business Value and group scores. Every product you purchase from RCM Business comes with a BV score. At the end of the month, your BV score and group score are added together, and then you receive a commission as a performance bonus of up to 32 percent based on your BV score. 
  • Technical bonus: RCM provides a 5 percent technical bonus based on your business volume. For being eligible to get a technical bonus, the direct seller must have a minimum purchase of INR 1500 on a combined basis in the respective month according to the RCM Business plan. The direct seller must have also earned royalty income for three months successively. Direct sellers receive their technical bonus differently after deducting the downline technical compensation from the total technological premium.  

Benefits of RCM Business

  • Royalty Income Bonus – Just like an author receives royalty for every remake or movie of their book , a RCM business achiever will receive royalty for a long time in their business.
  • Passive Income – RCM business offers good prices to sell your products and when you’re a direct supplier for at least two years , there are chances of you earning more at home than a steady new business.
  • RCM Family Insurance – RCM business offers family insurance as you’re a customer for their business.
  • Global Platform- RCM business is not limited to India , therefore you have a chance of expanding your business depending on the growth.

RCM Business sells a variety of products catering to the Indian audience, and the laws in India aren’t very clear about the online sales of Direct Sellers. Generally, there’s always an option of enquiry with the RCM business regarding online sales, as they encourage word-of-mouth marketing to keep up with the household name strategy. This is a brief description of the RCM Business and how to earn money while building your own business successfully. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you earn money through RCM Business

Once you’re a RCM business supplier or consumer , you get products at lower rates than the general price , which you can also sell at a discount rate.

How can I join RCM Business

Adhar card
State certified Id Proof
Certification from authorities
KYC bank details

How do I leave RCM Business

You can notify the business by writing an email. Cancellation of debit card payments will be process in the same month

How do I find my RCM user ID

Log on to and create an account.
Fill-out the necessary details in the forms.
Verify your e-mail and then login using the link

Is RCM profitable ?

yes , it is. You can earn money part time and full time by registering your business on the app and purchasing their products.

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