Online stores are the easiest way for merchants to sell their products across cities and gain satisfied customers. So as someone with a small business, you might set up your store and wait around for your profit; you even get visitors but no sales. What could be the reason? 

We’re here with a list of reasons why your store does not get any sales. We will also provide you with solutions to appeal customers to buy your products and improve your store setup for a no-loss sale. 

Why Does My Store Not Get Sales? 

No sale happens when your store does not appeal to the customer’s preferences, and you end up with last season’s leftover stock. These are some plausible reasons that could have been a factor in the decline in purchase rate. 

  1. Lack of quality images – Since it is an online store, it only makes sense to upload high definition images of the products for customers to purchase. Ensure that your online store is visually appealing. People are more likely to buy your products if the pictures are attractive, so always upload at least seven good quality images for each product. 
  1. Page Loading Speed – While building an online store, this factor gets overlooked as people assume that the website loading speed depends on the network. However, when designs get complex on a website, the page can take a minute longer to load, leading to a potential customer loss. 
  1. Product Description – People stop looking when they don’t find an item quickly, so give precise information about the product in its description so the users can easily find what they are looking for. 
  1. Pricing Strategy – When you build your online store, you must compare your prices against the present market competition. The customers will go for a lesser priced product when the quality is the same. If your pricing is too high or too low, it reflects poorly on the quality and affordability of your store. Make your prices transparent, so the customers know the original price beforehand and do not back out due to extra costs. 
  1. Payment Gateway Options – People like to place an order and finish the payment process in a jiffy, but they could back out with an incomplete purchase when you have additional questions during the checkout. These questions could include donation cause, payment or personal details requirement, so avoid unnecessary details and set your store to a precise format.

Tips To Improve Your Online Store Sales 

Here are some tips to get your store up and running with increased traffic and sales. 

  • Add Clear Calls-To-Action (CTAs) 

Calls-to-action (also known as CTAs) are crucial for your storefront. It’s a way to guide your buyer in the proper direction and provide recommendations, just like how employees guide their customers for better products in retail stores. Customers are new to your website, so clear guidance would help them shop around and get familiar. 

  • Lead Check on Abandoned Carts 

Customers usually browse through many items in a store before settling on one and then adding it to their cart. There are many reasons for the product being in the cart and not in the purchase section; it could be due to the extra delivery fee or too many options, which has them second-guessing their intention to buy the product. Check on your customers and enquire about the abandoned products so you can get rid of the reason for their abandonment. 

  • Create Marketing Strategies 

Marketing strategies require time and a budget, and it is necessary to spread the word about your product through available means as there is no point in having a store which nobody knows. Even when your budget is limited, social media can serve as a great help when you come up with innovative strategies. 

  • Optimise Your Website 

Search engine optimisation plays a huge role in every industry now, as a website search on Google can lead a customer to purchase their wanted product. Fill your website with buyer intent keywords which will bring traffic to your store, leading to sales. 

  • Conduct Audience Research

You could be wasting effort and money on content marketing or ad campaigns that aren’t bringing in any revenue. Are you targeting the right people if that’s the case? Make sure you conduct audience research to ensure that your marketing directs at the appropriate demographic. Check your website data analytics and analyse your customer habits for different products. 

  • Discounts & Offers

Who doesn’t love discounts? Everyone does. So when you see your store having visitors but no purchases, throw in a few offers to attract them and their friends to the store. Add coupon codes to increase your customer’s loyalty and offer free delivery with no hidden costs. 

Build The Trust 

When you’re a new store on the block, it takes time for promotions and deals to convince your customers, so set up live chat options and help so people can directly contact your store employees to ascertain that it is an actual store. 

It is never too late to improve your e-commerce store and appeal to customers. The best part about online shopping is that you don’t need to close your store because of fewer customers and sales; you face no losses because the online customers are genuinely limitless.

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