Did you know that over 530 million people use Whatsapp in India? It has moved from being a social media application to becoming an essential tool for communication amongst the masses. As a business owner or an online store owner, you can tap into this tool and make your business more profitable. 

Wondering how? Well, we’re here to tell you how you can use WhatsApp Broadcast, a unique business strategy that can help you convert leads into sales. Let’s read on to find out! 

What Is A WhatsApp Broadcast? 

To know how we can make your leads into sales, you must first understand what WhatsApp Broadcast is and its functioning. Simply put, a WhatsApp Broadcast refers to a list of contacts that receives all messages concerning your bulk business. It consists of a list of recipients who will be sent messages concerning your business and business updates. 

With the new WhatsApp Business API, you can send messages to over one lakh users, including messages to contacts who are not even on your contact list. However, one must remember that a WhatsApp Broadcast is different from a group message. They are not similar to each other and work in a completely different manner. 

In the case of a WhatsApp group message, the receiver of the message will be a part of a particular group, and they can see other participants in the group as well. In the case of WhatsApp Broadcast, the receivers of the broadcast will receive the message in the private mode, i.e. it is sent on their private chat, and they cannot see the names of the phone numbers of the other recipients in the broadcast. 

How Is WhatsApp Broadcast Beneficial For Your Business? 

As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp Broadcast is a cost-effective and efficient way to deliver messages regarding your business to your customers daily. Even as small as a product update on your store or asking them to subscribe to your monthly newsletter, everything is possible with a WhatsApp Broadcast. 

The advantage of using WhatsApp Broadcast is that it offers WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API to send broadcast messages on the application. Whether you own a retail store, a manufacturing company, a thrifting store or a small business, WhatsApp Business API is more preferred as it allows you to reach a larger audience. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using WhatsApp Broadcast For Your Online Business? 

Helps You Create A Brand Profile 

With WhatsApp Business API, you can instantly create a branded profile for your business. In this way, anyone who communicates with you or you communicates with your brand feels more secure and confident to have a conversation. It helps them to connect with the brand in a much more personal way. 

With WhatsApp Business API, your business profile will have a green tick beside the name, showing that it is a verified and trusted profile. It helps in adding to the overall trust factor. The next time you send a WhatsApp Broadcast message to the recipients on the WhatsApp Broadcast list, the recipient will feel more secure and confident in making their next purchase decision. 

Efficient Communication 

With WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Broadcast, you can communicate more conveniently to your customers from the comfort of your homes. It helps you streamline all communication between you and your customers across all devices. The benefit of using WhatsApp over other applications is that it allows all devices, laptops and smartphones to stay in sync. So a conversation on your mobile phone would also reflect the same way on the desktop. This even allows you to start a conversation on your smartphone and continue it on your desktop. You can attend to all the queries and concerns of your customers even in between your errands. 

Easier Marketing and Promotion 

The last yet most important advantage of using WhatsApp Broadcast is that it helps you to market and promote your business easily amongst your customers. You can send your customers messages about your product updates, discounts, offers and other business-related messages. You can send messages in real-time or schedule messages to send at a particular time. 


Now that we’ve understood the importance and the benefits of WhatsApp Broadcast, it’s time for you to tap into the benefits of WhatsApp Marketing and increase your sales. Take your business to the next level with Bikayi’s WhatsApp Marketing and ramp up your sales today! To avail our exclusive WhatsApp Marketing package, visit www.bikayi.com.

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