Marketing is vital to any business, from company to business, or business to consumer; a brand needs marketing to increase its reach and revenue. Unlike before internet marketing, we now have different types of marketing, which are viable for every business, reach the respective audience sooner and bring results. 

Digital marketing is what everyone aims for in the online world due to its reach on the worldwide web and versatility of results in different categories; however, the most underutilised form of marketing today is WhatsApp Marketing. Let’s read further to know the perks of the two types of marketing and which can get you better revenue. 

How WhatsApp Marketing Is A Form of Digital Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing is currently the most powerful and cost-effective marketing strategy globally. Everyone has a smartphone and is familiar with WhatsApp, and the fact that WhatsApp, without any add-ons, is the most widely-used app worldwide makes it a huge traffic source. 

Digital marketing includes reaching out to the target audience through promotions such as marketing these ads on Google and related platforms. One of these platforms is WhatsApp, which is also interested in reaching out to customers and is permission-based. 

While WhatsApp and other social media platforms serve different functions in a consumer’s life, it is critical to understand that effective use of these apps can assist marketers in reaching a highly-engaged audience. 

Digital Marketing and WhatsApp Marketing 

Digital Marketing WhatsApp Marketing 
Digital marketing forms include affiliate marketing, social media, content and optimisation marketing WhatsApp marketing forms such as WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API
Depends on the brand’s user base Large user base worldwide
Non permission-based marketingPermission-based marketing
Investment-based marketingLow cost-effective marketing
Time-critical resultsQuick and time-saving communication
Multiple platform marketingSingle platform marketing
Business relationship with the customer Profound lifetime relationship with the customer 

These differences showcase the similarities between the two types of marketing, with a hint of difference in communication and cost-effectiveness. We at Bikayi believe that merely one form of marketing doesn’t exist as brands use multiple ways to promote their products, all of which prove effective when used with the right platform. 

Bikayi WhatsApp Marketing Tools

Bikayi, as a brand, provides both Digital Marketing and WhatsApp Marketing service for our merchants; these marketing tactics result in a high engagement rate and lead to conversions, too. Listing below is all the tools needed for your business to excel in WhatsApp marketing. 

All you need to do to onboard Bikayi onto your WhatsApp is to provide your number and connect with the Bikayi Support team; the rest is taken care of by the Bikayi team. Bikayi offers the following services based on your store transactions and customer behaviour. 

  1. Cohorts – Bikayi creates different customer groups based on your store transaction with the customer. These will help you identify unique target audiences and utilise these groups to the best of your sales equation with them.  

2. Broadcast Messages – Customers who send you WhatsApp messages are your most engaged customers and prospects. Engage, qualify and convert them in real-time, day or night, by having personalised conversations with them at scale. These broadcasts can be composed accordingly:

Step 1 – Click on ‘Broadcast’ in the left-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2 – You can either select a specific group of customers to send your broadcast to or even send these messages to a customer manually through the excel upload option or send them to all customers. 

Step 3 Select a template which can be about a Diwali offer or discount coupon, and you can customise the link, which can direct the customer to their cart or your store when clicked. These templates will automatically capture the customer name, coupon etc. 

Step 4 – Review the Broadcast message where you can customise the picture before sending it to the customer. 

Step 5 – Click Send; the message now broadcasts to the customers of your specific group. 

3. Automations – To look for Bikayi WhatsApp automation, click on the Automation option, and you’ll come across options to automate and pause for customers. The merchants can activate this automation for the following. 

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery – These messages will boost the customers to complete their purchases when their products are in the cart. 
  • Order Status Update – It is necessary to keep your customers informed about their order status to reassure them about the authenticity of your store.
  • Buy On WhatsApp – You can chat with your customers through the chatbox and immediately complete a purchase through WhatsApp instead of losing a potential customer through forms and unnecessary links. 
  • Store Chatbot – These chatbots ensure you never miss out on any customer by replying to every query and completing your orders more efficiently.
  • Product Review Requests – If your customers love your store, they’ll let you know through your chatbot requests so you can improve and learn more about your customers. 

4. Customer Analytics – These analytics help you keep track of your customers’ transactions, visitors to your store, abandoned cart items, purchased items etc. These analytics help you improve your store experience and learn more about customer needs. 

5. Help and Learning – Bikayi’s Help and Learning section helps merchants know more about Bikayi’s WhatsApp tools and solve their doubts about the working of this app. 

The main goal of both digital And WhatsApp marketing is to connect with your customers through social media or WhatsApp and provide them with your best services. With Bikayi WhatsApp, you can look forward to higher engagement and lead conversion rates as we provide you with the necessary tools to enhance your business goals. 

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