Are you an e-commerce business owner and wondering how to drive shoppers to your store? As an online store owner, you might find it challenging to fit in the needs and interests of your customers. Figuring out what you need to have in your store for your customers is a Herculean task for an e-commerce business owner. Well, we have good news for you. 

What if we told you that you could figure out exactly what your customer needs with a single feature? You can increase traffic to your website organically and spike your sales eventually. Wondering how you can get all this done with a single feature? It starts with including a simple Wishlist on your e-commerce store. 

In this article, we shall speak about why you should include a wishlist on your e-commerce store and how you can use Bikayi’s Advance E-Commerce features to increase your sales. 

What Is a Wishlist? 

First things first, what exactly is a wishlist? A wishlist is a feature that can be integrated into your online store to help all shoppers, i.e. customers or visitors, create a list of products that they want to save or buy in the near future. The wishlist helps customers save specific products in their accounts and come back to the selected products to purchase in the future. 

The wishlist is a tool that helps online business owners identify the customer’s interest and thereby make efforts to improve their online shopping experience. With a wishlist, there is no pressure to make an immediate purchase. 

Customers can visit their wishlist at a later stage and purchase the products of their choice at their convenience. For an e-commerce business owner, a wishlist helps in creating a deeper insight on the customer wishes and helps add value to your customers. 

Why Is a Wishlist Important for E-Commerce Stores? 

Understanding the meaning and significance of wishlists, let us look at the reasons why a wishlist is important for your e-commerce store. 

Drives In More Visitors 

One of the most inexpensive ways to drive traffic to your website is to integrate a wishlist on your website. In addition to letting your customers share their wishlist, having one on your website can drive in more organic traffic to your store. It helps you promote your website and brings about increased productive results than advertising through paid networks. 

Increases Sales 

The result of having more visitors to your online store is proportional to your sales. It is seen by most online business owners that the more the number of visitors on your website, the more likely the overall sales rate increases. Once you have a wishlist on your website, your customers can easily share the products of their interest to their friends and family. 

If you integrate a wishlist onto your online store using Bikayi’s Advanced E-Commerce package, you can make your wishlist available to all customers all around the year and remind them during special events such as birthdays and anniversaries. 

Helps Understand Preference 

We understand that every online store has multiple products in various categories. But as a store owner, how do you find which product sells more? Which product has the highest customer preference? One sure way to do this is to use a wishlist. A wishlist helps in understanding which items out of all the items on your online store are being saved by your customers and which aren’t being saved. These saved products tend to have a higher preference amongst your shoppers. 

The products in the wishlist of your shoppers are the ones that are highly preferred or are of interest to your customers. The wishlist also helps you check your inventory level and stock up accordingly. During festive seasons, it is highly important for you to have wishlists to make it easier for shoppers and increase returns. 

Leads to Sales Alerts 

Most often shoppers save the products of their choice in their wishlists. In this way, it gives the business owner a chance to alert customers during their flash sales or during discount sales. One of the greatest tactics to increase your sales is to alert your customers with the products put on their wishlists. It is a way to bring in the customers back to your online store and thereby increase the sales. 

This way, you can reconnect with your customer and induce them to make the purchase. You can also make use of the wishlist and decide your discounts accordingly. 

We’ve outlined for you all the reasons why you should have a wishlist on your e-commerce website. With wishlists, you can easily increase sales and ramp up your profits. It’s time for you to grab hold of Bikayi’s Advance E-Commerce features and integrate them into your website instantly. 

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